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Creating a Bedroom for Your Dog!

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Give Your Pet the Perfect Bedroom

Design a fabulous bedroom for your pet!

Nowadays, a pet bedroom is becoming more popular to animal-lovers and their furry friends because it provides pets with a space of their own where they can rest and play all they want. Pet bedrooms don’t require much space, and can be easily incorporated into the overall décor of the house.

Traditional Pet Accessories by Greenwich Furniture and Accessories The Well Appointed House

If you’re thinking of designing a personal space for your furry companions, give them the perfect bedroom that will be the envy of other pets and pet-owners. Here are some ideas:

Stylish and comfortable bedding

Comfort and style go hand-in-hand when designing a space for your pets, so deck your pets’ bedroom with cushy and adorable bedding.

Blankets and rugs

Pets love rugs and blankets, especially the ones you use. Prevent them from lying on your bed by giving them their own rugs and blankets to keep them warm and comfy.

When choosing blankets and rugs for your furry friends, go for easy-to-wash linen. Polar fleece and polyester are favorites for pet blankets because they provide adequate comfort and warmth, while nylon is a great material for a pet rug. All these materials are machine washable, so dander and dust won’t be a problem to clean. There are also a myriad of designs and colors to choose from, so it will be easy to choose something that won’t clash with your décor.

Kennel pad

If your pets sleep inside their kennel or crate, line their quarters with a kennel pad to enhance their comfort both inside the house and during travel. Kennel pads come in various colors and designs, but choose something that will complement the existing rug or blanket to maintain a harmonious design. Ranging from simple sleeper mats to bolster mats, these beds may entice your pet to spend more time inside their crate than out!

Colorful and cushy pillows

 Modern Pet Accessories by Irvine Furniture and Accessories Majestic Home Goods

Pets love cushy pillows almost as much as humans do, so a couple of bolsters will result in grateful and happy pets. If you mostly used neutral hues for your pet bedroom, add a bit of fun with washable and changeable pillow covers in colors that your pet can see. Dogs and cats see some colors, such as blue, violet, and yellow, and are able to distinguish these shades from the rest of the room. Not only will these vibrant hues add a pop of color to your pet’s bedroom, they also provide a playful atmosphere for your beloved furry friend.

Cute pet accessories for a handy pet corner

Now that you have the pet bedroom decked in comfy necessities, it’s time to add details for a fun, fashionable statement!

A small bin for pet toys
  by  Serendipiddy 

A pet bedroom wouldn’t be complete without pet toys! Domestic animals need a place where they can easily get their toys; a small bin near your pets’ bed, rug, or kennel will work perfectly. Make sure that the bin is appropriate for your pets’ height, so that getting to their playthings won’t be a problem.

Hooks on the wall

 Laundry Room by Other Metro Closet & Home Storage Designers Capital Closets

Place a couple of hooks on the wall of your pets’ bedroom to hang their leash and/or collar. You can even add in some shelves for other pet accessories such as harnesses and pet grooming supplies.

Feeder/bowl mat
Pets sometimes make a mess when they eat. What you need is a feeder/bowl mat to catch all the stray morsels. Easy-to-clean and absorbent, a feeder/bowl mat keeps pet dishes in place while containing spills and splashes.

Combine style and comfort for the perfect pet bedroom, then sit back and watch as your furry, loveable pets enjoy their personal haven!

Jennifer Lutz is the home décor export for and the driving force behind home décor projects at She authors a series on home décor for the beginner – Home Décor 101.

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Kirby the Dorkie

Saturday 31st of August 2013

I have my own playroom I stay in when mama goes to work! I dont call it my bedroom cos then mama might think I'm supposed to sleep there at night and that not happening!

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