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Protecting Your Pets from Holiday Hazards

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36615244.thb — The holidays present a number of hazards for our furry friends, from festive decorations to fancy dinners. We all know by now not to feed our pets table scraps and turkey bones, but how do you keep your pets out of trouble while you’re busy enjoying the holiday time with friends and family? PetSafe®, an industry brand leader in the development of innovative pet behavioral, containment, lifestyle product solutions and services, offers the following tips and products to help keep your pets happy and safe this holiday season.

Restrict your pet’s access to certain rooms. Don’t want your pet getting into those holiday decorations? PetSafe’s interior pet doors allow pet owners to restrict access between rooms. Install the 2-Way or 4-Way Locking Cat Doors to prevent your pets from drinking from the Christmas tree stand or chewing on the Christmas tree lights. Have guests coming over to celebrate? Interior pet doors are perfect for a bedroom door or for providing access to food or a litter box when kept behind closed doors.

Keep your pet out of the kitchen and away from the dinner table.

Prevent your pet from getting into holiday gifts, snacks and decorations. PetSafe’s line of ScatMats can help protect holiday trappings such as ornaments, trees and presents from mischievous pets as well as protect your pets from these seasonal dangers. When you’re not around to guard your gifts, simply lay a ScatMat in front of the space or room you want to protect. Want to keep holiday snacks and treats out on the counter for guests to munch on? Your appetizers will look a lot less appetizing when the cat (and cat hair) is on the counter next to them. Protect your food and your pet’s stomach with PetSafe’s Ssscat Spray Deterrent. As soon as your pet makes a move for the countertop or table, the motion-activated Ssscat releases a harmless spray to startle your pet away from the food.

For more tips and products to protect your pets this holiday season, check out PetSafe’s blog, The Paw Print or visit

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.