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DIY Holiday Travel Essentials for Your Tiniest Family Member

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Traveling with your much-beloved pets can be a troublesome business. They have various needs for them to be comfortable while you move from one place to another. Providing all of these needs might hurt your wallet and travel expenses. Luckily, there are affordable and fun solutions for your travel needs. Here are several DIY projects to help pet owners make the journey easier for their furry little friends.

1) DIY Dog Bed

shutterstock_144611432Finding a spot where your pup can rest after a tiring day can be difficult. For a DIY dog bed that you can bring along with you on a trip, use an old suitcase and a thick pillow to create a cozy spot for your mutts.

I was also inspired by this crate cover from One Kings Lane. For a DIY version, simply put a soft pillow inside your dog’s crate to serve as his or her bed. Sew a cover for the crate to give your pet some privacy or to just shade him or her from the sun. For added comfort, you can even surround the insides of the crate with cushions to prevent your pet from hitting the walls during bumpy rides. Dogs will have no problem getting comfortable with this snug crib.

A quick note: Traveling by air isn’t always the best option for pets, especially since they are treated as cargo. If your furry friend is small, you can opt to bring a carrier that fits right underneath your plane seat and just let your pet stay there during the flight. Take note also that bringing your DIY pet bed along on your trip may incur extra airline luggage fees.

2) DIY Pet Seat Protectors

Dogs can leave a hairy mess in your backseat. Most dog mats cost about $100 and are far too big an investment. Fortunately, there’s a cheaper alternative. This dog car seat cover from Ex-Scapes ensures that your dog will not shed fur all over your backseat. As an added bonus, it also keeps them from falling off the seat when you make a sudden stop or turn.

3) DIY Dog Carrier

Touring a new place is always fun! Bringing your pet as you walk along new and unfamiliar streets may make him or her too excited, tugging you along as you hold tightly to the leash. Make sure that your dog behaves by carrying him or her around in a dog bag. To make your own dog carrier, cut out a U-shape on one side of an old canvas tote bag. Make sure it’s big enough to let your pooch comfortably put out his or her head. Sew the cut-out hem for a clean finish.

4) DIY Collapsible Dog Bowl

Dog bowls can be a hassle to bring during a vacation. They’re bulky and they need to be washed regularly. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a neat bowl that you can make on the spot and throw away after? This collapsible dog bowl from Ecokaren is made from an empty bag of dog food. With a couple of cuts and folds, you can turn this useless trash into your pet’s waterhole. Affordable and easy to use, this ensures that you won’t have to lug around a plastic dog bowl wherever you go.

5) DIY Pet Sweater

Cats and dogs may have a hard time adjusting to cold weather, a problem for families heading up the mountains or to snow-filled destinations. To keep your pet warm, cut the sleeve of an old sweater and cut out holes for the front legs. The sleeve should be big enough to cover your pet’s body. What’s great about this project is that it’s simple and affordable — all it takes are a few folds and a couple of snips with your scissors. With this sweater, pets can stay toasty even if snow is falling outside.

6) DIY Denim Dog Toy

Dogs can get restless especially if they’ve been cooped up inside the car during road trip. A chew toy is a great distraction! Made from a discarded pair of old jeans that are cut and knotted, these sturdy, makeshift toys will keep your pooch gnawing and chewing for a long time.

7) DIY Dog Treats

Traveling can make dogs very hungry. Before you hit the road, make sure to prepare some delicious snacks for your trusty travel companion. These healthy dog biscuits from Epicurious will keep your dogs satisfied and their spirits up during the long journey. Another great option is Dog Hill Kitchen’s nutty bacon dog treats. What dog wouldn’t love the combo of peanut and bacon in one small bite? Finally, there are also these cinnamon bun bites from Babble. These treats not only are delicious, but also claim to improve your dog’s cognitive processes. With these pet goodies on hand, you’re sure to have a peaceful car ride.

Have an easy and fun time traveling with your friendly critters during the holiday season with these DIY travel essentials for pets.

Jennifer Lutz writes about home décor and holiday topics at You can read this article on pet safety tips during the holidays on the Christmas Tree Market blog:

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