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12 Uses for Cat Litter (Even If You Don’t Have Cats!)

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With three cats in our home, we use a lot of cat litter. But you’ll find that cat litter is one pet product that’s not only for pet use. We’ve got 12 great uses for cat litter–even if you don’t have a cat!

12 Uses for Cat Litter

Absorb odors in old shoes.

Pour some litter in a sock and tie it off. Place the sock in old shoes, and the litter will absorb odors.

Remove cigarette smells from purses.

I’ve purchased purses at thrift stores and come home to realize that the purse’s previous owner was a smoker. An easy way to remove smells from inside the purse is, like with the shoe odors, to place a cat litter-filled sock inside the purse and close it up.

Absorb garage stains.

Sprinkle cat litter on oil stains on your garage floor, repeating the step if the litter continues to absorb more oil.

Sprinkle on icy steps.

A little cat litter sprinkled on icy steps and walks can help prevent slips.

Provide traction for your car.

If your wheels are spinning in snow, ice or mud, sprinkle the ground with cat litter to provide better traction.

Reduce moisture.

Have a leak in your basement or bath? A tray of cat litter can help absorb moisture and prevent mold.

Provide moisture to plants.

The ability of cat litter to retain moisture can also make it a great product for use in your garden. Adding cat litter when you plant shrubs, trees, or flowers will help provide moisture to the plant.

Dry flowers.

Have some cut flowers you want to dry? Put the flowers in a tray of clean cat litter to absorb the moisture as the flowers dry.

Absorb moisture and smells in the trash can.

A cup of clean cat litter in the bottom of your trash can will absorb any moisture as well as the inevitable odors of the trash can. Change the litter when you change the trash bag.

Anchor silk flowers.

Do you have an arrangement of silk flowers but don’t need a decorative filler in the vase? Cat litter makes an inexpensive way to anchor those stems.

Deodorize a refrigerator.

We all know that smell when a refrigerator has been unplugged. Place a tray of clean litter in the refrigerator to prevent the musty smell or to remove one of it’s present.

Clean up paint spills.

Pour cat litter over the paint spill to make it much easier to clean.

What non-cat applications do you use cat litter for in your home?

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