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Why We Always Buckle Up Our Dogs

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I recently received an email from one of our community members asking if I thought she needed to secure her dog for short drives around town. She enjoyed taking her dog to run errands including going to the bank drive-in and post office and wondered if we secured our dogs for those kind of trips.

In a word: YES.

We all know that most accidents take place close to home. That drive around the block can easily turn into a fender bender…or worse.

And we all know that it makes sense for humans to wear seat belts. According to the CDC, well over a quarter million lives have been saved by seatbelts since 1975. Responsible parents would never think of allowing children to ride in the car unrestrained, even for short drives.

Pet parents have to assume that same level of responsibility and secure their dogs for every trip. Seatbelts save lives.

Securing your dog in the car has the potential to save numerous lives. Consider this:

  • a secured dog won’t distract you while you drive.
  • a secured dog won’t fly through the car if you suddenly brake. An unsecured dog becomes a projectile on a sudden stop, putting his life AND all the lives of all the occupants of the car at risk.
  • a secured dog won’t escape from the car if you should get in an accident and the doors open accidentally or be opened by emergency personnel.
  • a secured dog won’t prevent emergency personnel from entering the car.
  • a secured dog won’t jump from the car on arrival before you can safely leash your dog.

Our dogs always wear the Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness with Plastic Quick Release Buckles. It’s not expensive, even in large sizes for our dogs. We bought ours over three years ago; they’ve gone on every trip, gotten wet at the lake, gotten sandy at the beach, and still they’re as good as new.


Just as children are buckled in the car, we all need to get in the habit of securing our dogs every time we get in the car. Like wearing our own seatbelts, securing your dog in the car is just a matter of habit. Whether you opt for a seatbelt harness, a crate, or a booster seat for your dog, please take a moment to look at the different options for keeping your dog safe in the car.

An accident only takes an instant to happen–and it only takes an instant to make sure your dog is safe in the event of a collision.

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