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5 Ways to Help Your Dog Live a Happy Life

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This post is sponsored by Dogswell. As always, we only share information about products that we feel comfortable using with our own pets. All opinions are entirely our own.

Everyone wants their dogs to live a happy, healthy life. As we discuss on our weekly DOG TRAVEL EXPERTS radio show and in our latest book, DogTipper’s Texas with Dogs, dogs can truly be our travel companions and enrich both their lives and our own. Traveling Texas with Irie and Tiki is one way we’ve been able to enrich their lives, to help them learn to be comfortable in a wide variety of situations, and to help us appreciate the simplest pleasures in life, from a stop at the roadside park to a picnic on the beach.

Dogswell has five more ways you can help your dog live a healthy and happy life. Check out these suggestions and see if you might be able to incorporate some of these ideas into your daily life. Some involve only minutes a day…but the change can be lasting:

Socialize Your Dog


Socialization is one of the keys to a well adjusted pooch.  Check your community for local dog meet-up groups, visit a dog park, or schedule a doggy play date with a fellow dog lover.  The more you can let Fido be among his fellow canines, the happier he will be. And a happier dog leads to a happier you!

Live Free with Good Nutrition

130812_LiveFree_groupshotProviding your dog with healthy food is the best way to ensure their nutritional needs are met. Choose food made of healthy, high-quality ingredients to help dogs live a long, happy life like Dogswell’s LiveFree, a line of holistic food for dogs.  The ultra-low glycemic recipes are made without grains and potatoes and are packed with protein to align with a dog’s natural diet.  The dry food contains DigestiBits™ that contain pumpkin, eggs, prebiotics and 11 antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables to deliver digestive fiber. Dogswell’s LiveFree products are available in a variety of recipes including chicken, lamb, turkey and salmon.

Appreciate Your Pup


According to research, pets improve your heart health, decrease stress levels and help improve overall mood. Petting your dog is good for your blood pressure and great for him too. As if you needed an excuse to snuggle anyway…

Treat Your Dog


Your dog deserves a healthy treat after a hard day of work of playing, running and barking. Treat time doesn’t mean you have to compromise on nutrition – reward your dog for following a command or because he chose to not chase that cat all on his own with treats that provide vital nutrients to help keep him happy, healthy and living free!

Allow Your Dog to Be a Dog

Let your dog  enjoy nature, outdoor activities and the freedom that comes with being a dog – that means running faster, jumping higher and playing like there’s no tomorrow.  Embrace his playful, uninhibited spirit—these are the things that make dogs special.

Paris Permenter
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