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Saving Your Dog’s Paws with Snuggy Boots

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Is it hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk? Well, just think how that heat feels on your dog’s paws!

irie-snuggy-boots-beachIn the above video, you can see some really alarming numbers about hot summer asphalt. Did you know an 85 degree day means 140 degree asphalt? By pressing your bare hand to the asphalt for seven seconds, you can determine if it’s safe for your dog to walk with bare paws.

When it’s too hot, you can protect your dog’s paws with booties, just as you would during a cold winter day. Snuggy Boots is a suspender system that keeps your dog’s booties in place. With booties and suspenders that clip to the booties, your dog won’t pull the booties off mid-trip. You’ll be able to walk on that hot asphalt, concrete or beach sand safely.

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