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How to Keep Your Car Clean on a Doggie Beach Trip!

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This week, we’ve been traveling with Irie and Tiki to Port Aransas, Texas. We’d planned to take our trip right after Labor Day (prices make a big drop right after the holiday) but, due to Irie’s ACL surgery, we rescheduled our trip for this week. With all the worry concerning Irie’s surgery and rehabilitation these past 10 weeks, it was extra special to watch her enjoying the beach which, for Irie, involves a LOT of rolling in the sand…


…and playing in the surf…


…until she’s a VERY dirty dog…


In the past, we’ve had to take our Jeep to a car detailing location right after our beach trip–but not this time! We took extra precautions this trip to keep the Jeep clean and fairly sand-free, in spite of at least three times in and out of the car at the beach each day. Here are our tips for keeping your car clean while still letting your dog enjoy plenty of sandy fun:

  1. Keep the car interior covered. We used the Kurgo Cargo Cape this trip to cover the back cargo section where our dogs sit. The waterproof  liner is also textured; we really appreciated that fact on this trip since we’re very careful to make sure that Irie walks on non-slip surfaces as she continues to recover from her surgery. The liner has a flap that folds down so we just swept out the sand at the end of each day! If your dog sits in the back seat, Kurgo also makes several kinds of seat covers (which also keep the floor clean!)
  2. Trim your dog’s paw fur. Although it’s not an issue with Irie, Tiki has a LOT of fur between her paw pads, places that can grab and hold a tremendous amount of sand. We trimmed the fur between her pads before the trip, which helped with cleanup.
  3. Let your dog dry before returning to the car. The dry sand shook out of Irie’s fur!
  4. Carry an old towel. Before the dogs entered the car each trip, we toweled them off to remove any remaining dry sand.
  5. Watch for tar balls. Tar balls, created by seepage from the ocean floor, wash ashore on the Texas coastline now and then; they weren’t a problem on this trip. Baby oil can be used to remove any tar from your dog’s paw if he should step in a tar ball.

Beach getaways can be great fun with your dog–and they don’t have to be a disaster for your car!

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