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How to Photograph Your Dog This Holiday Season

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The countdown is on the for the holidays! In our home, our furry family members are a huge part of our holiday celebrations. With no children in the house, Irie and Tiki, along with our cats Linus, Inca, Coco, and Lucky, are definitely the center of our holiday fun–and our holiday photos.

A big part of the holidays at our house involves capturing the season in photos. Our Christmas tree, located in our living room/dining room, becomes the focal point for a lot of our holiday photos. Here are a few tips we’ve learned through the years to produce some fun photos that will bring back the memories of the holidays for years to come:

Put a Pet Bed Under the Tree

There’s something about putting a pet bed–even one that’s long been in use–in a new location that makes it irresistible to your dogs and cats. Two years ago, we put this cat bed under the tree; Tiki was the first to find it:


This year we have a small table by the tree and have put one of the cat beds on that table. It’s Lucky’s favorite place right now:


Add Props to Your Photos

A simple stocking can make a great prop for your holiday photos! Hide a treat (flavorful Savory Jerky from Nutrish works great) to get your dog to search the stocking…then start snapping!


Holiday toys can also be a great prop…


…and holiday rugs are another favorite prop at our house–and one of the easiest. Like the pet beds, there’s something about a new rug that’s just irresistible to our dogs and cats. Wait for the inevitable nap, and you’ve got an easy holiday photo:


Plan a Holiday Outing

We love to travel with Irie and Tiki and during the holidays we plan several holiday-themed day trips with them. Last week, we went to the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm (even though I can’t have a real tree in the house because of my allergies!) They loved walking among the rows of fragrant Christmas trees, and it was a great photo op, too (complete with Christmas collars and a bandana for Tiki!)

Include a Visit from Santa

One year we wanted to get photos of the dogs with Santa–but there were no pet-friendly Santa events in our community. We ordered an inexpensive Santa suit and had the best time taking photos of Santa visiting the dogs and cats!




 Be Ready for Quick Snaps

Keep a camera at hand for those quick snapshots, too!


Whether your photos are snapshots or beautiful holiday portraits, they all accomplish the same goal: they preserve those holiday pet memories for years to come! Happy holidays!

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