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8 Tips for Leaving Your Dog Home with Family Members

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This Wednesday through Friday I’m gone to Pittsburgh for a trip sponsored by Nutrish. I’ll be joining many of the other Nutrish influencers to tour a local shelter, walk adoptable dogs, and more. I’m flying there and back so Irie and Tiki will be home all day, every day with John. It’s not like we’re preparing for a pet sitter–but, nonetheless, there are some extra steps that I always take when I’m traveling and leaving the dogs home with John.

Leave extra good chews

It makes Irie and Tiki sad for me to leave so I’m leaving daily chews for them–a dried esophogus each day as well as a bully stick on Wednesday to help cheer them up!

Write out the medication routine

Irie and Tiki take Cosequin supplements (Tiki’s getting a bit of arthritis) so their routine is very simple. Our cats, however, have more prescription needs. Lucky’s on daily Prozac following last year’s bladder surgery and both he and Ochi are on the tail end of an upper respiratory infection, so they’ve been getting a supplement for their sniffles. I’m usually the pharmacist in our house so I’ve written all the medication instructions for John.

Print out your itinerary

My schedule will be pretty busy so it helps John to have my itinerary and to know when’s a good time to talk. (And, yes, I will be Facetiming with Irie and Tiki as well.)

Charge the GPS units

We always keep the GPS units on each dog’s collar but I want to be extra sure that they’re fully charged while I’m away.

Carry emergency contact information

Although John’s here with the pets, emergencies can always happen. I always travel with a list of emergency contacts including our neighbors’ phone numbers and our veterinarian’s phone number.

Doublecheck for everyone before closing the suitcase

OK, I’m not worried about 60-pound Irie or Tiki stowing away in my carry-on suitcase…but I am concerned about little Ochi. A few years ago, a 14-month-old kitten survived a 10-hour flight to Florida. Her owner had no idea she had burrowed in her suitcase before she closed it. I’ll be extra sure I know where Ochi is before I leave.

Leave a tee for comfort

Leave the comfort of your scent when you’re away. I always leave my unlaundered sleep shirt out for the dogs and cats to snuggle in while I’m away.

Stick to routine

While I always feel down when leaving the pets alone for a few days (even when they’re here with John), it’s business as normal on my morning of departure. We’ll get up extra early, take the morning dog walk, then a pat and a quick goodbye and I’m on my way to keep Irie and Tiki stress-free and to prevent separation anxiety.

I’ll be home before I know it (and, yes, I’ll be bringing home some goodies!)


Thursday 22nd of September 2016

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