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How to Choose a Dog Comb

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When it comes to grooming our dogs, we most often reach for the brush. But what about combs? Like brushes, different ones work best for different types of dog fur–and for different needs. While we usually brush Tiki and Barli, when it comes to getting out Beggar’s Lice (a pesky stickseed that grows all over Texas) or breaking apart mats that Barli gets from swimming…and swimming, and swimming…in his kiddie pool, we reach for combs.  Here’s a look at some of the options you have to keep your dog’s coat untangled and smooth. (This post includes some affiliate link.)

Fine- and Medium-Toothed Combs

The comb will remove the last remains of tangles the brush might have missed. You’ll have to work slowly as you comb through the tangles so you don’t pull your dog’s hair (think of combing a child’s hair…getting them to sit still for combing will be that much more difficult next time if you pull on tangles this time.) A fine comb can often help remove flea dirt as well as the fleas themselves.

Best for: Dogs with silky, soft hair or with fine-to-medium textured hair

Wide-Toothed Combs

Like the fine- and medium-toothed combs, the wide-toothed combs take out the last of the tangles. Comb slowly so you don’t pull your dog’s hair.

Best for: dogs with a dense and very thick coat

Coat Rake, Mat Comb, or Mat Splitter

Just like working through tangled human hair, a spray de-tangler can really help get through the tangles without pulling and it’s recommended for dealing with mats and tangles. Mat combs and coat rakes, designed like a mini-rake, are also specially designed for getting through tangles.

Best for: curly and long-coated dogs

Hound Glove

Like the name suggests, this is a glove that you slip on and brush your dog, using the glove’s side covered with natural bristles. Smooth-coated dogs like some hounds benefit from this as it helps to remove dead hair in an efficient manner, while adding a shine to the coat.

Best for: short-coated dogs

Flea Combs

If your dog has short fur, a flea comb can be a great way to check your dog’s coat for fleas. Look for fleas and flea droppings (little black specks) as you brush.

Best for: short-coated dogs

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