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7 Products You Must Pack for a Hotel Stay with Your Dog

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Are you planning a hotel stay with your dog? Tiki is a longtime traveler, and Barli made his first hotel visit just three weeks after his adoption. Much of our success with Barli’s first stays, we think, was due to some careful packing.

Along with other items we pack for each trip including food, water, and bowls, we packed some products specifically for the hotel room.

We count these among our must-have items when staying in a hotel room with your dog!

A bedsheet.

Our dogs sleep with us at home so, of course, we plan for them to sleep with us at the hotel. However, we don’t want to leave dog hair or paw prints on the linens so we bring a bedsheet from home to put over the bed.

If the hotel bed is covered by a comforter, remove it before allowing your dog on the bed.

If your dog doesn’t sleep with you, consider what you’ll bring for your dog’s bedding. (Some hotels have loaner beds.)

We love molly mutt, a dog duvet you can stuff with your dirty clothes on the road–or borrow the hotel towels–to create a bed for the night.

A benefit of stuffing the duvet cover with your clothing: the bed smells like you, an extra comfort to your dog at a new location.

Poop bags.

Bring them. Use them.

Be a good ambassador for dog travelers and make the hotel glad they are pet-friendly!

Our favorite poop bags: Earth Rated Poop Bags. They’re larger and thicker than most and have a 100 percent leak-proof guarantee.

If you don’t want everyone at the hotel to see you wagging poop bags, check out our machine washable YUCKY PUPPY™ wet bag for dogs. Snap it to your leash or belt then drop the used poop bag inside until you reach a trash can. The PUL lining of the bag helps hold odors INSIDE the bag.

Clean up products.

Along with a roll of paper towels in our car, we also carry stain and urine remover products, just in case.

We like Simple Solution Pet Stain and Odor Remover, an enzymatic cleaner.


Stress in a new location is a lot easier to handle with a favorite chew!

We always purchase chews that our dogs have had before so we’re not worried about upset tummies.


The comforting smell of home and the fun of a plush toy are soothing for dogs in a strange hotel room, too.

We carry a Hear Doggy toy from Quaker Pet Products; we love these toys because the squeaker is ultrasonic. Not only can WE not hear it, but we don’t have to worry that the next hotel room or people in the hallway can hear it. (And we don’t have to hear it squeaking in the car!)

A Lint Roller.

Just as with the bedsheet, you want to do everything you can to leave the hotel room fur-free.

A quick once-over with a good lint roller can remove any trace that your furry family member was in the room!

Another great option: dishwashing gloves or a squeegee. Dampen the silicone of the squeegee or the palm of the gloves before wiping over upholstery or carpet to roll up pet fur!

A White Noise Machine.

For years, we traveled with a separate white noise machine; it masks hall sounds and will help keep your dog from barking.

Today we have a free white noise app on our smartphones, and it works great to lull everyone to sleep and keep exterior noises in the hallway or from adjacent rooms from distracting our dogs.

If you’ll be leaving your dog unattended in your hotel room (permitted at some but not all hotels), you’ll also need to pack a crate. We don’t leave our dogs while we’re traveling so we don’t pack this.

A few minutes of pre-trip planning can help make your hotel stay a paws up experience for you and your dog!

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Sandy Weinstein

Friday 5th of April 2019

i have always worried abt leaving my dogs alone and wondering if they would bark, the white noise machine is a great idea.

Elyse and Riley

Friday 12th of July 2013

Great tips! I never thought about bringing a bed sheet to spread across the linens on the hotel bed. We've only traveled with our 2 dogs once and that was during a hurricane evacuation. We actually stayed one night in a last-minute rinky-dink hotel that had a fleece blanket on the bed. Didn't think/know to bring a sheet from home or even a lint roller for that matter, so of course, the fleece blanket was a dog fur magnet! I'm sure that hotel probably just had to throw the blanket away because there was so much fur on it. The hotel we stayed at the second night was MUCH nice and had the typical white duvet covers. Not as much fur stuck to those, but it would have still been nice for us to bring a sheet or a lint roller.

I tried to think up all the things we would even remotely need to bring, but didn't think of the sheet or a white noise machine. There were a lot of other families with dogs who had also evacuated at both hotels we stayed at, so there was a lot of barking/children running around in the halls. Luckily, Chloe is deaf and never barks anyway (but does pee all over the place, but she didn't during this trip, thank God!), and Riley only felt the need to let out one or two barks before I shushed her. :)

Paris & John

Friday 12th of July 2013

The sheet is nice because it smells like home, too...they love that! We then throw it in the back of the car where the dogs lie and it's a nice cover for them to nap on while we're traveling.

This hotel had white covers, too...and since we were going out SWIMMING, I could just imagine paw prints, no matter how much I cleaned their paws! The sheet worked like a charm! Paris


Friday 12th of July 2013

i bring a white noise machine too. And a slicker brush. With Shiloh's long hair, I find it easier to get his hair off hotel carpets with a slicker brush than a lint roller. For short haired dogs, a lint roller works better.

Paris & John

Friday 12th of July 2013

That's a great tip...I'll bet a slicker brush works great for long hair!! Paris


Friday 12th of July 2013

We travel with a noise machine to....sometimes I take my fan with me too. I am going to look up the phone app. The lint roller is my best tool in the house. I always have little short dog hairs on me. Before I leave for work Schooner loves to rub himself all over me to make sure I am taking his scent with me and his dog hair. I need to get Schooner & Skipper the Hear Doggy toy from from Quaker Pet Products.

Paris & John

Friday 12th of July 2013

I just love our white noise app (it's WhiteNoise in the iPhone app store...I got the free version)! The Hear Doggy has been so fun with the dogs; they play and play...and we don't hear a squeak!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.