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Night Dog Walking with Lighted Dog Collars

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Does fall weather mean your evening dog walks are now taken in dim light–or after dark? Whether you are walking during the last rays of light or at night, both you and your dog are difficult to see. Fortunately lighted dog collars and other LED dog gear including lighted dog leashes and LED dog tags help you see and be seen during dog walks after dark!

LED dog collars

Why You Should Consider LED Dog Collars

LED — light-emitting diode — lights are powerfully bright but have the advantages of staying cool, having a longer lifespan, having a small size, and being comparatively inexpensive, perfect for your dog gear. Consider LED gear for these reasons:

To make sure cars see your dog.

If you should drop your leash and your dog gets away from you, make sure he’s seen by oncoming traffic.

To be easier for you to spot.

In the case of a dropped leash, be sure that you’re able to find him in the dwindling light. His LED gear will be easy to follow in the dark. If you enjoy after dark dog park visits or other off-leash play, lighted gear is essential as well.

To protect YOU.

LED gear makes not only your dog easier to spot but YOU easier to spot as well.

To see on camping trips.

Fall camping trips are a great chance for you and your dog to hang out around the campfire and enjoy the stars together. But when your dog steps away, be sure you can see him in the darkness by attaching a LED gear in the form of a light or lighted collar.

To see during and after evening meals.

We love to enjoy patio dining with our dogs during autumn months. Those late night meals mean dark walks back to either our car or hotel room. While we carry a flashlight if we’re walking back to a hotel, we love the security of knowing exactly where our dogs are because of their lighted collars.

To see your dog on the day’s last potty run.

Especially when we’re traveling with the dogs, we put on a lighted collar for that last potty run before settling in for the night.

To see on fall and winter walks.

If it’s dark when you get home from work, put on a lighted collar before you step out for your walk.

To protect your dog during emergency weather situations.

If you’re under a tornado warning in the evening hours, slip a lighted collar on your dog to make sure he’s visible should you become separated.

What to consider when buying LED dog collars, leashes and tags

Not all lighted dog gear is created equal. Before you decide, ask yourself:

  • Is the gear USB rechargeable or does it use batteries that will either need to be removed and recharged or replaced?
  • How long will the battery last? How long is the recharging period?
  • Is the gear waterproof? Water-resistant?
  • Do you want an LED collar to wear all day as a traditional collar or just to slip on over your dog’s collar on walks?  Some lighted collars just slip over your dog’s head and are not suitable as walking collars.
  • Does the gear include different modes such as flashing? This can be useful if you’re walking multiple dogs and want to be able to distinguish one from the other in the dark.

Lighted Dog Gear We Love


Glowdoggie lighted dog collar

Glowdoggie offers a slip on collar  that emits a bright glow. We’ve had our collars for eight years and they continue to work like a charm, even after countless dog walks and evening strolls. See our full review.

Canine Care Products

Canine Care Products  offers lighted collars, lighted leashes, and lighted dog harnesses to keep  dogs visible during evening walks.

Canine Care Products lighted dog collar

The lighted dog collar has a small pack that uses two CR2032 batteries to allow up to 100 hours operating time of the LED strip.

The lighted dog leash works in a similar way and can be set to glow constantly or to flash. The lighted dog harness, which we haven’t yet tried, also features a battery-operated strip of LED lights that can flash at your choice of two speeds.

LED dog leash

Some of the most special fall memories you and your dog can make are in the evenings — whether it’s a late night stroll, an evening meal, or a vacation getaway.

Make sure you’re making good memories by always protecting your dog with lighted products!

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Tuesday 12th of November 2019

OMG, yes! Please please light your dogs at night. Also, please light yourself! Also, please train your dog! Getting a program from a certified dog trainer helps a lot. Adrienne Farricelli has tons of info on her website and a great training program. Shes CPDT-KA certified even (They need 300+ hours of training!) Check her out


Tuesday 4th of August 2015

WOW, this article was right up my the author of "Get Your Leash On!" I am a strong advocate of being safe WITH your dog and living healthy!......While it's important to light up your dog with leashes, collars, etc .....Don't forget to light up yourself! And don't forget even doggie bags have lights attached to them if I'm not mistaken! So that when we are out about with our dog at night, we can be responsible and CLEAN up after them! No Excuses! Stay Safe, healthy and hydrated this extremely warm summer season!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.