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Get Your Dog Ready for Holiday Company

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This post is brought to you by GROOM Bathing Tablets.

Whether you’re headed over the river and through the woods…or your holiday company is coming to your house, a vital part of your holiday preparations is no doubt dog grooming. You want your dog to be clean, shedding to be at a minimum–and you certainly don’t want to see your dog scratching as you gather around the holiday table!

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Look –and Smell — Your Best

One of the easiest ways to get your dog holiday ready is with GROOM bathing tablets–all you have to do is pour the pH neutral cleansing solution over your dog or use the specially designed GROOM shower head to deep clean his coat, skin and paws, leaving him smelling clean, not perfumed.

The patented, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid bathing tablet does the work for you, cleaning not only your dog’s fur but his skin, the source of much of that “doggy” odor.

And, because GROOM creates no suds, your job is done in a flash. (GROOM also makes a great way to bathe cats; take my word, speed is vital for cat baths!)

Help Relieve Itchy Skin

Avoid the embarrassment of seeing your dog scratching around your holiday company by helping relieve your dog’s itchy skin. Just like us, dog’s skin can get extra itchy with wintertime dryness.

Yeast infections can be the cause of skin conditions in dogs as well. A yeast infection is very itchy and has a greasy appearance and bad odor.

Dogs with floppy ears often struggle with yeast infections in their ears since the covered ears hold moisture more than prick ears.

GROOM bathing tablets can also be used to help clean your dog’s ears; pour the solution on a washcloth and gently clean your dog’s ears to leave them smelling clean–and, even more importantly, to avoid the chance of a yeast infection.

Get Winter Weather Ready

If you are (dog) walking in a winter wonderland during your holidays, you know that ice and snow can be tough on a dog’s paws.

If your dog doesn’t (or won’t) wear booties to protect his tender paws, be sure to get your dog’s paws ready for the ice and snow BEFORE you head off on your walk. Trim fur between his paw pads to prevent the painful buildup of snow and ice between his toes. Check his paw pads for cracks; moisturize his paw pads to prevent cracking.

When you return from your walk, dip your dog’s paws in a solution of a GROOM Bathing Tablet dissolved in warm water. The solution safely removes not only snow and ice residue but also dangerous de-icing chemicals and salts which can be extremely harmful to your dog if he licks his paws.

With just a little preparation, your dog can be holiday ready when your guests arrive, helping you to create memories AND keeping your dog comfortable at the same time.

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