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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Pet Household: Bedroom

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The start of spring not only does marks a change of seasons but it’s also time for a rite of spring: the annual cleaning. Sure, we clean on a day-to-day basis but spring means a time to roll up our sleeves and really do a thorough cleaning including a clearing out of things we no longer use.

spring cleaning bedroom in pet household

More than just a clean house, spring cleaning is also an opportunity to create a healthier home for you and your pets. Cleaning bacteria, mud, and dander, this annual deep clean is especially important in pet households because the warmer weather and longer days are a signal for our pets to shed their winter coats.

Today we take a look at the first room I always clean during spring cleaning: the bedroom.

Because of my allergies and asthma, I try to really keep the bedroom free of as much fur and dander as possible (well, as possible with five pets in the house!)


Before You Start Cleaning

  • Close the bedroom doors so the pets are in another part of the house while you’re cleaning.
  • Open the windows and exterior door in the bedroom, if you have one. Fresh air is great while you’re cleaning and stirring up that dust.
  • Remove the curtains and take them immediately to the laundry room.
  • Remove any blinds or shades. We have a Roman shade and take it outside for a good vacuuming to remove all dust and fur.
  • Turn off the air filter. I use an air filter beside the bed; to save the filter from all the dust I’m stirring up during cleaning, I turn it off until I’m done.

Dust, Dust, Dust

Start work at the top of the room and work down so all dust and fur fall to the floor.

  • First, use a broom to remove any cobwebs from the corners or the ceiling.
  • Dust the ceiling fan. I like a microfiber cloth that’s damp with a vinegar and water solution.
  • Using the vacuum cleaner extension, vacuum the window facings, picture frames, and walls themselves.
  • Use a soft cloth with no cleaner to dust lamps and bulbs.

Cleaning the Windows

  • Wash the windows and mirrors using a vinegar solution (one part white vinegar, one part hot water).
  • Wipe with lint-free cloth.

Cleaning the Beds

  • Remove bed linens.
  • Vacuum the mattress then flip the mattress. Vacuum the mattress again.

Cleaning the Dog and Cat Products

  • Clean the pet beds. Our dog beds are large so they’re easy to vacuum. The smaller cat beds are best to toss into the dryer to remove loose fur.
  • Pick up all pet toys for evaluation later.

Clean the Floors

  • Move the bed and vacuum beneath the bed, mopping if it’s a wood floor. Reposition bed.
  • Vacuum and/or mop the floor.
  • Deep clean the carpet, if you have one.

Now it’s time to close windows, turn on air filter, and enjoy the clean room! And let the dogs back in the bedroom!