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Dogs + Winter Slush: How to Keep Your Car Clean

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Unlike many parts of the country, we don’t have snow here in Central Texas–but we have had plenty of mud and even ice this winter. Day after day of cold drizzle has left a sloppy mess wherever we go–and it’s easily tracked into the car by the dogs on every outing.

dogs and winter slush

Keep Your Dog’s Paw Fur Trimmed

Long fur between your dog’s toes will capture not only mud and snow but also painful balls of ice. Keep this fur trimmed short to reduce cleanup.

Keep Your Dog Covered

Coats and booties not only keep your dog warm–they prevent snow, ice and mud from sticking to your dog’s fur.

Choose an Easy to Clean Collar

If your dog is like our Tiki, her collar is going to be covered in mud during this messy season. No-mess collars can easily be wiped down when your excursion’s done.

Some of our favorite waterproof collars include the dogIDS waterproof collar with a built-in ID plate…

…and Dublin Dog’s wide variety of no-stink collars

Cover the Seats

Plush Paws Cargo Liner

We use a Plush Paws Waterproof Cargo Liner in our car; it’s easy to brush summer beach sand from the cargo portion of our car but equally easy to brush off winter snow and ice.

It also has some padding in it, making for a more comfortable ride for our dogs.

Pack an Old Towel

We keep an old towel in our car year around to brush off mud, ice, and sand.

Our dogs know the command “do paws” and stand to have each paw cleaned before getting in the car.

You’ll also find paw washers like the Dexas Mud Buster; these are basically like a portable cup with silicone bristles. Add some water then, one at a time, insert your dog’s paws to remove mud and ice.

A little extra effort can help prevent your dog from tracking mud and snow in your car this winter season–and think of all the memories you’ll make during your outdoor excursions during this special time of year!

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