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Are Dogs Allowed in Tractor Supply?

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From pet food and dog toys to fencing and lawn care, there are a lot of good reasons to visit your local Tractor Supply. The largest rural lifestyle retailer in the United States has over 2,000 stores across the country–but are dogs allowed in Tractor Supply stores?

Are Dogs Allowed in Tractor Supply?

Is Tractor Supply Dog Friendly?

We’re happy to say that every Tractor Supply location welcomes your dog! As Tractor Supply says on their official Instagram account: “All friendly and leashed pets are welcome.”

Bring your dog in on leash and explore the store together. We always recommend checking the store locator and calling your local store the first time, just in case some new municipal regulation might otherwise restrict your visit.

Tractor Supply features a wide selection of dog foods and treats, bedding, toys, collars and leashes, fencing and more.

We love that Tractor Supply is a huge supporter of animal rescues; we’ve been to adoption events held right in front of the store on many occasions. Many Tractor Supply locations also have PetVet veterinary care at over 1600 locations.

Tips for Making Your Trip to Tractor Supply Successful

The key to having a good time shopping with your dog at Tractor Supply–and making sure dog friendly stores REMAIN dog friendly–is taking a few extra steps before and during your shopping excursion.

Before Your Trip

  • Pack a leash no longer than 6 feet. This will help prevent your dog from becoming tangled in displays and minimize tripping risk for other shoppers.
  • Leave the retractable leash at home. Retractable leashes can really present a tripping risk in stores.
  • Walk your dog. If you have an excitable or energetic dog, give your dog a good walk BEFORE you go to the store. He’ll be happier to sit by your side while you shop if he’s not bursting with energy.
  • Pack a cleanup kit. Along with poop bags, pack some paper towels and hand sanitizer. You never know.
  • Pack some high value dog treats. Pack a handful of extra good dog treats that will get your dog’s attention and hold it. These are perfect for redirecting your dog’s attention in the store.

During Your Trip

Our dogs at Tractor Supply
  • Steer clear of the live animals (chicks) section unless you are sure your dog will handle it well.
  • Make a potty stop before entering the store. Even if your dog peed before leaving home, take a few minutes to visit the trees in the parking lot.
  • Keep your dog near. For both the safety of your dog and fellow shoppers, keep your dog at your side while shopping. Not all people like dogs or want to be near your dog (hard to believe, right?!)
  • Pick up any accidents immediately. If your dog has an accident, pick it up immediately. Especially if you have a male dog who likes to mark, keep a special eye out. Speed up your walking when passing those or distract your dog with a treat.

Will My Dog Be Frightened in Tractor Supply?

Tractor Supply stores generally have automatic doors at the entrance; those can be frightening to dogs the first few times they see them.

You can bring treats to get your dog’s attention as you enter or just hang out outside the store on the first visit, treating and talking in a happy voice as people enter the store engaging the automatic doors.

Your dog will learn that they’re no scarier than microwave ovens, hair dryers or the many other things they’ve learned to accept in our lives.

In general, though, Tractor Supply stores are much quieter than large hardware stores and easier for dogs who are unaccustomed to shopping.

If you are worried that your dog may be too nervous in a Tractor Supply, start with a small pet supply store in your area (Tractor Supply also owns Petsense by Tractor Supply), a dog-friendly bookstore or a small home decor store like Tuesday Morning.

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Is Tractor Supply Dog Friendly?
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