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Dog Puns and Furtastic Instagram Captions

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When you are looking for some fun ways to add a little dog-itude to your Instagram captions or social media posts, check out dog puns! A fun play on words, most dog puns utilize the words bark, bone, fur, howl, leash, mutt, paw, howl, pup, woof and yap or yappy to create a pun that’s just plain barktastic!

Dog Puns and Furtastic Instagram Captions

A-paws: applause. A round of a-paws for my dog’s first try at agility!

Bark: park. My dog loves Jurassic Bark.

Barkday: birthday. Happy barkday to you!

Barktastic: fantastic. My dog did a barktastic job in his first training class!

Barktober: October. This Barktober, I’m taking my dog to several Howloween festivals!

Bone appetit: bon appetit. Here’s a new dog treat: Bone appetit!

Bone-ified: bonified. My dog is a bone-ified detective–he can sniff out clues like Scooby-Doo!

Brofur: brother. “I’d like a little brofur!”

Depawsit: deposit. “Hello, I’d like to make a de-paw-sit!”

Fur: for. “I’m ready fur treats!”

Furbulous: fabulous. “That dinner was furbulous!”

Fureign: foreign. “Cats speak a fureign language but I am doing my best to understand it.”

Furend: friend. My dog, my best furend, furever.

Furever: forever. Every shelter dog wants a furever family.

Furget: forget. “How could you furget to buy dog chews?!”

Furgive: forgive. “I furgive you.”

Furrench: French. “Are you going to eat those Furrench fries?”

Furmula: formula. My furmula for success: starting the day with dog kisses!

Furrozen: frozen. “Will you carry me? My paws will be furrozen if I walk in that snow!”

Furth: forth. My dog hates the fireworks on the Furth of July.

Furtune: fortune. I had the good furtune to adopt the world’s best dog. What are the odds?

Furtunate: fortunate. I feel very furtunate to get to work at home with my dog!

Furward: forward. The clock sprung furward–but my dog’s stomach has not made the adjustment!

Leash: lease. My dog gave me a new leash on life!

Pup-arazzi: paparazzi. I take so many Instagram photos of my dog that he thinks he’s being followed by the pup-arazzi.

Pawdon: pardon. “Pawdon me, are you going to finish that steak?”

Pawesome: awesome. The groomer did a pawsome job!

Pawfect: perfect. It is the pawfect day for lunch at a patio restaurant with my dog!

Pawffice: office. “Stay home from the pawffice today and let’s take a hike!”

Pawful: awful. “I have not had a dog chew all day…it is a pawful situation.”

Pawrents: parents. “My pawrents made me wear this sweater.”

Paws: pause. “Paws what you are doing and take me for a walk!”

Pawsible: possible. “Would it be pawsible to give me another treat, please?”

Pawsitive: positive. I am pawsitive that this pillow did not have a hole in it when I left for work this morning…

Pawsitively: positively. My dog is pawsitively in love with this toy!

Pawsper: prosper. Live long and pawsper!

Pawtrait: portrait. I love this pawtrait of my dog!

Pawlicy: policy. “My pawlicy is two dog walks per day. Thank you very much.”

Puptastic: fantastic. “Thanks, Mom…these treats you made me are puptastic!”

Pupular: popular. “I’m the most pupular dog at the dog park!”

Ruff: rough. “I’ve had a ruff day!”

Sisfur: sister. “My sisfur is a cat!”

Ultimutt: ultimate. I challenge you and your dog to a game of Ultimutt Frisbee!

Woof: roof. Let’s make some noise and raise the woof!

Wooftastic: fantastic. “These treats are simply wooftastic!”

Yappy: happy. The dog-friendly restaurant hosts a monthly Yappy Hour for pet pawrents and their dogs.

Holiday puns

Merry Woofmas and Happy Howlidays
  • Christmutts: Christmas
  • Howlidays: holidays
  • Howl-oween: Halloween
  • Jack Fur-ost: Jack Frost
  • Santa Paws: Santa Claus
  • Woofmas: Christmas

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Dog Puns and Instagram Captions
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