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Traveling to Europe with Your Dog #infographic

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Through the years, we’ve been incredibly lucky to have had numerous travel assignments take us to Europe. Although the bulk of our travel guidebook work involved the Caribbean and Texas, one guidebook took us to Cyprus and many magazine assignments took us to destinations ranging from Paris to Prague to Pompeii. Wherever we went, we took the opportunity to meet local dogs:


Never, however, did we get the chance to take a dog with us. We’ve always shared our hearts with large dogs, and we’d never consider flying a dog too large to travel in the cabin unless we were moving.

If you, however, have a small dog and are considering a vacation in Europe later this year, we’ve got an infographic to share. It’s important to make those plans EARLY because international travel involves paperwork undertaken on a strict schedule. You’ll need to have your veterinarian document your pet’s immunizations and preventatives on a fixed schedule that varies by destination.

Wherever you may go, happy travels!

Travelling in Europe with your dog
Craig Manor

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