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Tips from a Mover on Moving with Your Dog

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When I was a child, we moved pretty much every year. One cross-country move especially stands out in my mind because we were moving with our dachshund, Peanut.

While a move can be an exciting time for a child, I can just imagine the stress that it caused my parents, worrying not only about moving the two-legged members of the family to a new location but making sure Peanut stayed safe and happy as well.

It was a move that went wonderfully, and I think a lot of that was due to the pre-planning that my parents, by then very experienced movers, put into the relocation.

To help you plan a move with your dog, we have some special tips from Lior Rachmany, CEO and founder of Dumbo Moving + Storage:

  • Earlier in the day, before your move take your dog for a long walk. The less energy the dog has, the fidgety the dog will be.
  • Some dogs are territorial and do not like strangers in their home, if that is the case hold your dog on a leash when having movers come in.
  • Movers will have to leave your front door open at times during your move. So make sure that your dog is confined to a room during that time or on a leash beside you!
  • Break out the bones. Moves may take a few hours, keep your dog occupied with a bone or his favorite chew toy.
  • If you have a yard, do not forget to go through the yard to make sure you did not leave any of your dog’s favorite toys behind.
  • Moving can be hectic, so do not forget to feed your dog and give it water throughout the day. Set aside food for your dog before you pack it up. Use plastic bowls to feed your dog and give your dog water while their regular bowls are packed up.
  • Remember movers do not move your pets. So take that in to consideration when planning your move. If you drive, make sure there is enough room for your pet in the car. If you have to take a taxi, get a crate for your dog.
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