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Check Out Dog Poop Stations Around the World!

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In this unusual summer, travel for many of us just involves virtual visits to world museums and attractions. So how about a virtual visit to attractions you might see when dog walking: dog waste stations! Hop on and take a virtual trip around the world to check out some of the dog poop stations and signs from around the world!

Cannes, France

Dog poop sign in Cannes, France

Well, you’d expect an elegant dog waste station in Cannes, France, right? Located along the promenade, this sign reminds everyone:

De l’amour pour nos chiens, de l’amour propre pour nos trottoirs.

Yes, they’re so elegantly reminding dog walkers:

For the love of our dogs, for the love of our sidewalks.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Hond in de goot” literally means “dog in the gutter”…so steer your dog off the sidewalk and to that gutter fast!

London, England

Well, you’d expect that one of London’s Royal Parks would have a dignified dog waste station–and you’d be right!


OK, I’m pretty sure that Bravo is a brand of dog waste bags…but don’t you love the idea of praising your dog with “Bravo!” when he successfully does his business?

Yekaterinburg, Russia

This statue is known as the “Monument to the dog cleaning up after itself,” created by sculptor Igor Pospelov in an effort (which also included adding dog waste stations) to get dog walkers to pick up after their dogs. One of the plates at the foot of the sculpture reminds dog lovers: “A clean yard is a clear conscience.”

Vienna, Austria

At first glance, this dog waste station looks like it’s reminding people of a fine for not scooping the poop–but instead it is showing that “60.000 Hundekotsackerl täglich danke” — 60,000 Dog poo bags daily, thank you–are needed!

Brighton, England

A favorite summertime getaway less than 50 miles from London, the seaside city of Brighton reminds dog lovers that “it is an offence to allow your dog to foul the footway or grass verges.” Yes, “foul the footway” does sound so much better than “don’t allow your dog to poop here.”

Benodet, France

OK, all dog lovers know that we’ve got to pick up that poop to keep locations dog friendly–but this sign goes a step further. “Ayez le bon réflexe” — “Have the Right Reflex”–reminds us that picking up that poop has to just be reflex. Don’t think about it…just do it!


Located at a condominium filled with dog lovers, this poop bag dispenser offers Hundekotbeutel (dog waste bags) with the instruction of “Hier ziehen” (Pull here).

Geneva, Switzerland

Who could resist grabbing a poop bag from a “Caninette”?!

Tasmania, Australia

Going for a walk along beautiful Bell Bay? This no-nonsense sign and bin remind dog walkers of their duty!


OK, I have no idea what the translation of this sign, located in a Japanes park, is…but we all get the point! Scoop that poop!

Lausanne, Switzerland

OK, this sign might be one of my favorites for its simplicity–and the fact that I love the color turquoise. (And it brought back great memories of an assignment we once had in beautiful Lausanne.)

Heidelberg, Germany

This garden, located in the village of Sandhausen (a suburb of Heidelberg) reminds dog lovers to scoop that poop. And even if you don’t know a word of German, the how-to illustrations make it clear just how you use those bags!

Want a poo station of your own?

While they’re primarily owned by municipalities, businesses and parks, you can also purchase your own poo station for your yard (or to encourage pedestrians and their dogs passing your yard to pick up the poop!)

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