Celebrities Shine Spotlight on Beagle Freedom Project

Just released from a research lab, 10 beagles took their first steps in the sunlight as two animal-loving luminaries helped to shine a spotlight on the organization that has given the dogs a new lease on life.

Corey Feldman may be known by film fans from contemporary classics like The Goonies, Stand By Me and The Lost Boys, but the star often steps into his real life role as an animal advocate. Over the course of his career he’s shown his support for Last Chance for Animals, Farm Sanctuary, Greenpeace and Orange County People for Animals, and on February 27th the actor happily greeted the dogs as they arrived in Valley Village, California.

Also on hand to rejoice at the dogs’ emancipation from a life of experimentation was former Baywatch star/animal activist Alexandra Paul, who has previously helped two beagles make the transition from laboratories into loving homes as a foster parent for Beagle Freedom Project, which orchestrated the 10 Rovers’ release.

Beagle Freedom Project is a service of the nonprofit advocacy group Animal Rescue, Media & Education (ARME).

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The following video from LA Daily News offers insight into the touching tale of the 10 male dogs and the ongoing efforts of Beagle Freedom Project, which works directly with labs in order to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs who so desperately deserve a chance at a happy life:

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