Is It Safe For Your Dog to Eat Ice? Does Ice Cause Bloat?


There’s a rumor going around Facebook (one that’s cropped up numerous times over the past few years) that it’s not safe for your dog to eat ice or to drink ice water.

This came to my attention when I looked at our DogTipper logs that show us where traffic is coming from and which articles people are reading. Suddenly one of our older posts, Ask Dr. Audrey: Does Ice Cause Bloat,” was getting a huge number of views. We soon found out that Snopes as well as several television websites had referenced this article in a post addressing this Internet rumor to help put it to rest.

Be sure to check out Dr. Audrey’s advice on ice…then, with your mind at ease, you can try out some of our ice recipes for dogs including Brothsicle, Beefsicle, or any of the many other frozen treat recipes here on the site!


Photo credit photopips / 123RF Stock Photo

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