Brothsicle Dog Treat Recipe

Well, it looks like we’ve got a week of 100 degree (and above) temperatures coming up here so this definitely calls for another frozen dog treat recipe. (Next week I’m breaking out the dehydrator for some dehydrated dog treats…stay tuned!)

Today’s recipe is really easy, inexpensive, and good for your dog. I make my own chicken broth; not only is it cheaper but homemade broth doesn’t have the sodium levels that many canned chicken broths have. I made the broth in the slow cooker but you can cook it on the stove top as well.

12 cups water
1 pound chicken breasts

I used chicken breasts but you can use any poultry you have on hand. (If you don’t use chicken breasts, you’ll want to add an additional step to the preparation. After you cook the broth, you’ll refrigerate it to harden the grease that will collect on top; scoop that off and dispose of it and any bones and you’ll be set to make the brothsicles!)


The preparation is very easy…great for a hot summer day. Cook the chicken breasts overnight in the slow cooker; by morning, they’ll be falling apart. If you use chicken breast tenderloins, you’ll just need to cut the meat a little. (“Cut” is probably too strong a word…you could break the chicken apart with a spoon at this point!) If you used whole chicken breasts, you’ll need to remove the bones from the mix and discard. When you’re done, return to the chicken to the broth.


Next, stir the mixture well. The chicken will settle in the bottom of the broth so I stirred it between making each brothsicle so each frozen treat includes bits of chicken. Using a soup ladle, scoop and pour the broth mixture into plastic cups or ice cube trays.


I put two scoops in each plastic cup but the size will depend on your dog’s size. Pop the plastic cups in the freezer and wait a few hours then the treats are ready! If you used plastic cups, just run some warm water over the outside of the cups and the treats will pop right out.

Not only does this provide an inexpensive and tasty summer treat for your dog but it’s also a good way to encourage your dog to consume extra water on hot days!

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  • Never considered cookin for a dog in a slow cooker. You must really love your pet!

    Mike Rocha

    • We really do (and it’s nice not to heat up the kitchen, too…I’m hooked on the slow cooker!)