Dean Cain Films Freedom Service Dogs PSA

An actor who gained fame for his portrayal of The Man of Steel in the small screen series Lois & Clark has stepped in front of the camera to shine a spotlight on a nonprofit organization which offers a new lease on life to both shelter dogs and supermen and superwomen who have valiantly served our country.

Dean Cain is the narrator of a PSA for Freedom Service Dogs, which pairs people who are dealing with physical or emotional challenges such as autism, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with canines whose  customized training fits the specific needs of each individual.

Helping Veterans in Need

Every day more than 22 veterans lose their lives to suicide. To help turn the tide on the sad statistic, the new 30-second spot focuses on the struggle of one veteran suffering from PTSD and the barking buddy whose reassuring presence helps him combat his fears.

The stars of the PSA are the real life Freedom Service Dogs team of Paul Sasse and Sapphire. “When I came back from the war, my PTSD continued to get worse. I started suffering from the anxiety attacks; I would get stressed out, and my ability to interact with people just wasn’t there,” the veteran states. “I know for a fact that if it wasn’t for my service dog, Sapphire, my depression would have taken over me, it might have even taken my life.”

Thanks to Freedom Service Dogs’ partnership with area animal shelters and rescues, homeless dogs have the chance to transform into service dogs, receiving up to a year of training to learn a variety of commands ranging from turning on lights and retrieving objects to nudging and waking their new human friend from nightmares.

Although each dog’s medical care, feeding, housing and training runs to more than $25,000 during the canine’s 7 – 12 months of learning, Freedom Service Dogs are provided to clients at no cost.

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