National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

20675510-196x300As diligent pet parents the health of our dog and cat companions can weigh heavily on our minds, and if you’ve noticed that your pal with paws has started to sport a fuller frame National Pet Obesity Awareness Day (October 7th in 2015) is the day to ‘get the skinny’ on ways to help your furry friend go from flab to fit.

According to a 2014 National Pet Obesity Day survey, a whopping 52.7 percent of dogs in the United States are considered overweight or obese, and 57.9 percent of our purring pals have packed on too many pounds. To help tip the scales in your pet’s favor, The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention’s website provides dog devotees and friends of felines with an arsenal of knowledge to help your pet wage a battle of the bulge, including:

  • the daily caloric needs for indoor dogs and cats.
  • a downloadable daily feeding and exercise log.
  • how to determine if your pet is overweight (Are their ribs difficult to detect beneath their fat? Is Mitten’s or Spot’s stomach sagging? Is your purring pal or barking buddy’s back broad and flat?)
  • the calorie count of those tasty treats.
  • a weight loss program chart.
  • a list of the health risks (such as type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis and high blood pressure) associated with weight gain in dogs and cats
  • creative exercise ideas to encourage weight loss, such as moving your pet’s food goal to different parts of the house to promote walking.

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Photo Credit: ClipArt; Association for Pet Obesity Prevention

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  • SGilbert

    Schooner is overweight and we have been slowing losing pounds. We walk twice a day with about 3 miles totals. Playing ball and running around the backyard with Skipper helps. Schooner would prefer to be on the chaise by the window looking out all day long in a reclining position. The Whistle has helped by keeping track of his minutes and tell me if we need to go out and play catch me if you can to get the minutes. Skipper is very hyper.

    • You sound like a very loving pet parent, @s@SGilbert:disqus. Schooner and Skipper are lucky to have you! Pet obesity is such a serious issue and one that few people take action against until it’s too late. In addition to the health concerns mentioned in the infographic, pet obesity can also lead to urinary disorders, kidney disease, respiratory disorders and create immunity problems in dogs. Everyone should be as concerned as you are about exercise and good health for their pets!