Alison Eastwood’s Foster Fur Kids Unites Rescues with Fosters

As an actress, she’s shared screen time with such stars as Kevin Bacon, Dylan Walsh and movie legend Clint Eastwood. When Alison Eastwood isn’t in front of a camera, however, she steps into her real life role of an animal advocate as the founder of the Eastwood Ranch Foundation (a non-profit which offers aid to animal welfare groups and no-kill shelters in the US) and of a venture unleashed earlier this year which, to paraphrase a line from one of her famous father’s films, makes our day!

Acting as a bridge that unites rescue groups and animal shelters with people who have a passion for compassion, is an online network complete with a publicly searchable database of animals in the US who need temporary homes, and profiles of both pet fosters and transport drivers.

Rescues and shelters can search for fosters by entering their community’s zip code, which will produce a plethora of both volunteer and paid pet fosters located within 25 miles of their facility. Results reveal each pet foster’s profile, which includes information regarding that person’s pet preference, availability, accommodations, and reviews of any previous fostering experiences.

If you wish to commit to the temporary care of a dog or cat in need, you can fill out an online form that will let shelters/rescues in your area know of any preference or requirements you might have for the pet you may foster. For example: Does your living arrangement restrict the size of dog you may be able to take in? Are you interested in fostering only specific breeds? Would you be able to tend to the needs of a puppy or kitten too young to care for themselves, a senior animal, an animal who is healing after surgery, or a cat or dog who is dealing with a physical or emotional challenge?

Why Foster?

By offering a temporary home to an animal in need, a foster pet parent:

  • can discover important information for potential pet parents who are thinking of adopting the canine or cat in your care, such as the animal’s true personality away from the stress of staying in a shelter cage, as well as any of the pet’s special needs.
  • can sharpen a dog or cat’s socialization skills, which will make the animal more adoptable.
  • potentially saves the lives of both the animal in their care, as well another homeless animal by creating an empty kennel space at the shelter for the next dog or cat in need.
  • give dogs and cats in need the opportunity to experience life and the love of a two-legged friend in a home environment.

Find out more about Foster Fur Kids in the following CBS Los Angeles interview with Alison Eastwood:

Photo Credit: Foster Fur Kids/Facebook

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