An Icy Day–and TWO Giveaways Tomorrow!


Today we were all set to head to Austin Pets Alive! for Lucky’s neutering…and then an ice storm hit in the middle of the night. We spent all day at home, rescheduled Lucky’s surgery, and wrestled with our Internet connection thanks to an icy dish.

On the plus side, we had close to a quarter inch of much, MUCH needed rain in our icy rain gauge:


We enjoyed a very icy (careful!) dog walk this morning…


Since we don’t have a giveaway today, watch for TWO giveaways tomorrow…and here’s a hint!!


In the meantime, here’s a look at our fast-growing little “cutie,” best buddy to Irie and Tiki!


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  • Dawn Rasor

    I’d say LUCKY LUCKED out today! Use this extra day wisely little fella! loL! The ice is deadly but so very pretty. Enjoy a day off!

    • He did…I haven’t broken the news to him that the neutering has been rescheduled for next week! Today the sun’s shining and I’ve rolled up my sleeves; it’s hard to believe it was icy two days ago!! Paris

  • Looks like you had a beautiful walk Paris! I know ice storms are dangerous, but they sure do create some lovely photo opportunities. And is Lucky the beautiful cat in the photo? He looks like he could be the twin brother of Glogirly blog’s Katie!
    You’ll have to come by and visit Pixel and me on our blog sometime. 🙂
    Jenny & Pixel