Wordless Wednesday: Frost Flowers on Our Dog Walk


As you know, where we live in central Texas, snow is a real rarity. If we’re lucky, we might have snow every three or four years.

But winter weather brings something else that’s also very special: Frost Flowers. We see them along our dog walking route on mornings after a very cold night. A frost flower isn’t a flower at all…but water that was trapped in the stem of a dormant plant (and in the root system) and, though the cold night, gets pushed out of the stem, creating a “flower” of ice that’s as unique as a snowflake.

These “blooms” are short-lived (even briefer than a real flower), melting once the morning sun gets upon them. They make our morning dog walks extra special, though, as we try to spot these beautiful natural displays that come from a plant that would just commonly be seen as a “weed.”





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  • SGilbert

    AWESOME! I love the pictures! It is very beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I have never heard of it.

    • Thank you!! They’re so interesting looking…almost like nature’s cotton candy!