Make a Stylish Upcycled Dog Collar!

There are three factors we love to see in a doggie DIY project: fast, easy, and cheap! Wait, we forgot stylish!! This fun DIY project from Sew DoggyStyle has them all. All you need is a worn shirt and a few minutes of time and you can make your dog this super-cute and fun collar: […]

Make Some Doggie Leg Warmers!

As you know, we’re always looking for ways to save money on dog accessories. SewDoggyStyle has some amazingly cute DIY dog projects including some like these leg warmers that are super easy to make, even for those of us without a sewing machine (and those of us who wouldn’t know what to do with one […]

Sew a Budget Dog Dress

As you know, we’re always looking for thrifty projects and ways to save money on our dogs so we were so excited to find this DIY project on Sew DoggyStyle! This cute doggie dress involves nothing more than a blue jean pocket and some scraps of fabric and ribbon. Besides its frugal price tag, another […]

How to Make a Retro Pet Bed

In this YouTube video from Threadbanger, you’ll see a retro suitcase transformed into a (small) dog bed. The project requires no tools, just a pillow and some extra fabric for lining the bottom of the luggage. The result is a cute, portable doggie bed (but be careful and make sure it can’t slam shut too […]

How to Make a Doggie Hula Costume

We’re always on the lookout for low cost, no-sew doggie crafts and just ran across this cute video on YouTube. In just a few minutes (and with the background of soothing Hawaiian music), you can learn how to make your dog a hula skirt (and top, of course!) for Halloween. The costume can be made […]

How to Make an Interactive Dog Toy

We love interactive dog toys; they keep your dog thinking. They’re excellent for rainy days as well as for senior dogs or dogs recovering from surgery whose mobility might be limited. A few months ago, we wrote about a treat dispenser we made from an old football (that we bought for the dogs but that […]

Make Your Own Dog Bed

Today we’ve got an economical DIY post from Bethany North. Making a bed for your dog is fun and resourceful, and on top of that, you can use soft materials that your dog will love! Materials: Fabric Stuffing Measuring tape Scissors Sewing machine Straight pins Directions: Take the measurement of the length of your dog, […]

How to Make a Homemade Dog Toy

Today we’ve got a DIY tutorial from Bethany North, who recently supplied us with a tutorial on making your own dog collars. Today’s DIY project is easy on the budget and on your time, taking just a few minutes to prepare from items you probably already have on hand. You know that your dog will […]

How to Make a Dog Collar

Today we’ve got a DIY guest post from Bethany North that can save you money and provide you with a stylish collar that you personalize to fit your dog’s personality! If you want to make a fashionable piece or even token of appreciation for man’s best friend, making a dog collar is much easier than […]

Make a Tiny Dog Sweater from a Sock

OK, I had to share this cute sweater idea with you (even though it is nearly 100 degrees here right now…and even though our dogs’ paws wouldn’t even fit into these tiny sweaters. I’m going to have to make up some of these for our shelter this winter, though!) This super-simple idea involves transforming a […]