Review: ORGANIX Jerky Chip Cookies #OrganicPet


OK, we know that the mention of jerky and dog treats in the same sentence makes many of us nervous. After some frightening stories, many of us have steered clear of jerky–but now there’s a high-quality, all-natural, made in the USA product that promises to fetch a lot of positive attention from pet parents. ORGANIX […]

Going Green for the #PawNatural Challenge


We like to think that we live a pretty green lifestyle. Surrounded by a nature preserve for endangered birds, we’re really conscious of our impact on the environment. A creek flows through our property so we’re very aware of any runoff and use only natural lawn products. We drink well water filtered only by 400 […]

#PetHairSolutions for Handling Shedding Season


With six pets in our house, we are no strangers to shedding problems. Although we don’t have a particularly cold winter season here, compared to so many locations, our pets grow a winter coat anyway–and blow that coat as the weather warms up. With temperatures reaching 90 degrees here already, the fur is flying. To […]

Helping Your Dog Stay a Proper Weight #HillsPet


We all know how uncomfortable it is to be overweight. Our clothes don’t fit. We feel tired (and grumpy). Exercise…and even getting around for daily tasks…seems like so much work. Overweight pets run into many of the same hurdles. (OK, most don’t have to worry about those too-snug jeans but have you ever had to […]

Giving Your Dog a Natural Life with Only Natural Pet #PawNatural


Last summer, Irie had a small melanoma removed from her muzzle. Since that time, we’ve been extra careful to keep sunscreen on her nose whenever she’s in the sun. Irie loves to spend time outdoors, go swimming at the lake and, whenever possible, at the beach, and take long hikes with us. We live in […]

Celebrate #NutrishforCats AND Win $50 Coupons, Everyday with Rachael Ray


We know that you know all about Rachael Ray’s Nutrish food for dogs, the food where all proceeds go to help homeless pets. But NOW we’re excited to announce that Rachael Ray has a new line of food for CATS! Nutrish® for Cats, like the Nutrish for Dogs food, has is made with the ingredients […]

LiveFree Line of Holistic Dog Food #LiveFree4Life


  This post is sponsored by Dogswell. As always, we only share information about products that we feel comfortable using with our own pets. All opinions are entirely our own. As you know, late last year we were super busy writing The Healthy Hound Cookbook, formulating over 125 recipes for dogs using only whole foods. […]

Review: Kurgo Wander Pail


The weather has turned lovely here in Texas so we’re taking advantage of this temperate time to hit the road with Irie and Tiki. (We know all too well the hot weather that lies ahead in a few weeks!) This past week we headed to Inks Lake State Park, a beautiful constant level lake that’s […]

#Kurgo Introduces New Color Splash Line


Let’s have a show of hands: who is ready for SPRING?! Even in Texas, it’s been a long, cold winter. We’re ready for spring sunshine, spring blossoms, spring COLORS! And we know we’re not alone. Our friends at Kurgo just introduced a brand-new line that we think is a great choice for everyone like us […]

Review & Giveaway of Eureka AirSpeed EXACT Pet! #EurekaPower


OK, let’s be honest here: pets mean pet hair. During this time of year, our dogs are blowing their coats and there is pet hair EVERYWHERE. We brush and brush…but clouds of hair still find their way across the floors and on the upholstery. When Eureka asked if we’d like to review the new Eureka […]

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