Review: PurOtic Natural Deep Ear Cleaner and Natural Ear Dryer

Let’s talk about ears. In our house, Irie has the troubled ears. We’ve made two special trips to the vet’s office the last few years with ear issues. Her hound ears (she’s part coonhound, according to her DNA test) mean her ears are covered and stay moist, a setup for ear infections. Pair that moist […]

Teeth Cleaning with Purbreath® No Brush Oral Care

Both Irie and Tiki have had dental problems in the past, ones that resulted in both cleanings and extractions. For the first few years of their lives, we relied on raw marrow bones to clean their teeth naturally; unfortunately these power chewers liked the marrow bones TOO much, resulting in splintered teeth–and, now, vacant gaps […]

Review: Innovet STAT! Syringe

Do you know how to make your dog vomit–and why you may some day need to make him vomit? As with a child, inducing vomiting in your dog is done when your dog ingests something that he really should not have eaten. The list of possible offenders is long: chocolate, macadamia nuts, medications, raisins, chewing […]

Tiki Tries out the PAW5 Rock ‘N Bowl #PAW5Launch

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post about pet obesity, we’re working hard to help Tiki lose some weight. Although we’ve been diligent about making sure Irie hasn’t packed on any pounds since her TPLO surgery (which would put more stress on her knees), we’ve let Tiki get a little, well, fluffy. She needs to lose […]

Review: #Kurgo Collaps-a-Bowl

Just last week, we decided to take the Kurgo Collaps-a-Bowl for a test drive on one of our day trips. Along with Irie and Tiki, we headed to our favorite dog-friendly Texas state park: Inks Lake State Park. Like its name suggests, this bowl collapses for easy storage (and even has a hole in the […]

Being Prepared for Emergencies with Dr. Emmo’s!

This weekend I had the chance to do something that’s been on my To Do list for a long, long time: take a pet first aid course. This wasn’t just any pet first aid course, though, this was a Pet Tech course taught by Arden Moore! Arden teaches classes at locations year around, and I […]

Review: PoopBuddy

We all know that many (many!) people do not pick up their dog’s waste. Not only does it present a health hazard to everyone thanks to runoff into our water supply and bacteria in the soil, but it also creates a reason for businesses to re-evaluate their pet-friendly policies. Hotels and parks could start to […]

Review: Dr. Emmo’s Ear Wash & Eye Wash #Pet1stAid

Have you ever smelled inside your dog’s ears? No, really. If there’s an odd smell there (like crushed walnuts), your dog might just have a problem. Our Irie, with her floppy ears, is especially prone to ear issues so we rinse out her ears frequently. Especially with long-eared dogs, moisture combines with wax, dirt and […]

Review: Dr. Emmo’s Wound Care Spray Wash & Spray Gel #Pet1stAid

Yesterday, we told you about the travel-sized versions of Dr. Emmo‘s Wound Care Wash and Gel (that are available for a limited time for just the cost of shipping) but today we wanted to tell you about the full-sized products! This two-part solution to your dog’s wounds–whether that’s a scrape or something like a hot […]

Review: Travel-Sized Dr. Emmo’s #Pet1stAid

In 20 years of writing guidebooks and magazine articles that took us everywhere from Egypt to Ecuador, Borneo to Belize, we always had a set packing list for every trip. Although the trip itinerary and weather conditions might vary by destination, we always packed some items on every excursion. These staples remained in our suitcases […]