Review: #Kurgo Collaps-a-Bowl


Just last week, we decided to take the Kurgo Collaps-a-Bowl for a test drive on one of our day trips. Along with Irie and Tiki, we headed to our favorite dog-friendly Texas state park: Inks Lake State Park. Like its name suggests, this bowl collapses for easy storage (and even has a hole in the […]

Being Prepared for Emergencies with Dr. Emmo’s!


This weekend I had the chance to do something that’s been on my To Do list for a long, long time: take a pet first aid course. This wasn’t just any pet first aid course, though, this was a Pet Tech course taught by Arden Moore! Arden teaches classes at locations year around, and I […]

Review: PoopBuddy


We all know that many (many!) people do not pick up their dog’s waste. Not only does it present a health hazard to everyone thanks to runoff into our water supply and bacteria in the soil, but it also creates a reason for businesses to re-evaluate their pet-friendly policies. Hotels and parks could start to […]

Review: Dr. Emmo’s Ear Wash & Eye Wash #Pet1stAid


Have you ever smelled inside your dog’s ears? No, really. If there’s an odd smell there (like crushed walnuts), your dog might just have a problem. Our Irie, with her floppy ears, is especially prone to ear issues so we rinse out her ears frequently. Especially with long-eared dogs, moisture combines with wax, dirt and […]

Review: Dr. Emmo’s Wound Care Spray Wash & Spray Gel #Pet1stAid


Yesterday, we told you about the travel-sized versions of Dr. Emmo‘s Wound Care Wash and Gel (that are available for a limited time for just the cost of shipping) but today we wanted to tell you about the full-sized products! This two-part solution to your dog’s wounds–whether that’s a scrape or something like a hot […]

Review: Travel-Sized Dr. Emmo’s #Pet1stAid


In 20 years of writing guidebooks and magazine articles that took us everywhere from Egypt to Ecuador, Borneo to Belize, we always had a set packing list for every trip. Although the trip itinerary and weather conditions might vary by destination, we always packed some items on every excursion. These staples remained in our suitcases […]

Review: Easy Scoop a Poop


Let’s face it: picking up dog poop is not the most pleasant of tasks. The warmth, the moisture…well, you know… Because of this, we were very interested in reviewing a new product called the Easy Scoop a Poop™. This patented, made in the USA product is designed to shield your hand and, as the manufacturer […]

#SuperDogPics Preview: K-10+ Nutritional Supplements for Dogs


Product: K-10+™ Nutritional Supplements What it is: Water soluble dietary supplements for dogs Manufacturer: K-10+, Chesapeake Beach, Maryland (Made in USA) DogTipper Review: K-10+™ offers a variety of nutritional supplements, all designed to augment a dog’s normal diet and ensure that he gets all the vitamins and other nutrients he needs for optimum health. There […]

2012 Gift Guide: PetPerfect Feeder


In the course of your pet’s day, mealtimes definitely rank high on the list of favorite activities. These sturdy elevated feed stations from PetPerfect are a ‘perfect” way to enhance their mealtime experience even more. Custom carved from 10- or 12- gauge steel and fitted with rubber leg inserts, these feeders will remain in place […]

2012 Gift Guide: Elevated Pet Bowl Holder by PetFusion


This week we’ve been telling readers about PetFusion’s feline products on our sister site, CatTipper. The company, long known for its stylish cat products, has recently began marketing dog products as well, beginning with its Elevated Pet Bowl Holder. This handsome feeding and watering unit is designed to make mealtime easier for a dog by […]

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