Protecting Paws from Stinging Insects!


This has been our week of wasps.

First, I was stung on my instep while going outside barefoot to give Irie a bath. I’m allergic so my foot swelled up, the pain was horrible, and I spent days with a swollen foot. I vowed not to go back outside this summer without shoes.

But then Irie was stung on her paw a few days later in the same area of the yard. The wasps are all working the grass, doing something out there, and they are extremely aggressive this time of year. Poor Irie yelped when she was stung. Fortunately I saw the wasp fly off so I knew what had happened. I immediately put some ice on the sting but I could tell she was very uncomfortable for a couple of hours.

I tried to figure out what to do to keep Irie safe from the wasps. While we don’t have much protection from flying wasps, I needed to figure out a way to keep her safe from the many wasps in the grass. Besides wasps, we have plenty of other creepy crawlies to be concerned about in this part of the country, too, including scorpions (here with a back full of baby scorpions)…


…and tarantulas…


What to do?

Well, I turned to the Snuggy Boots Orthotic and Footwear Suspender System to protect Irie’s paws with booties (and keep those booties on with suspenders). These past few months, I’ve been putting Snuggy Boots on the dogs to protect their paws from hot beach sand…


…and especially hot asphalt…


Well, now I’m turning to them to protect our dog’s paws from stinging insects!

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