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Professional Pet Sitters Week

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If you have to travel without your pets, you know that reliable pet arrangements can make all the difference between a good trip and one filled with worry. Many traveling pet parents choose professional pet sitters to care for their pets during their absence and every year those pros are honored with an annual Professional Pet Sitters Week.

Professional Pet Sitters Week

When is Professional Pet Sitters Week?

Scheduled for the first full week of March, the week-long Professional Pet Sitters Week began in 1995 as the National Professional Pet Sitters Week. Because of the international composition of Pet Sitters International, it was renamed.

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Finding a Responsible Dog Sitter

If your dog can’t accompany you on your travels, it’s important to make pet sitting plans in advance to get the best arrangement for your pet so your dog will be safe and happy and, at the same time, so your mind will be at ease and you can enjoy your trip!

Many pet lovers (ourselves included) use pet sitters to care for their pets in their absence so their pets can remain in their home.

Choosing the right pet sitter can be equally as challenging as selecting a babysitter for your child,” said John D’Ariano, President of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS).

“The person you choose should be trained and professional. It’s a serious process and your pet sitter will not only be responsible for your pet, but will also have regular access to your home.”

NAPPS has these excellent tips for finding your next pet sitter:

  • Develop a set of questions and conduct a thorough interview via telephone and in-person
  • Ask for multiple references and contact each of them personally
  • Request proof of bonding and liability insurance coverage
  • Schedule a time for the pet sitter and your pet to meet. Monitor the session and make sure he/she interacts well with your pet
  • Look for a Certified Professional Pet Sitter, which indicates the pet sitter has the highest level of education in the industry

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Professional Pet Sitters Week
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