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Sons of Anarchy’s Ron Perlman in Last Chance for Animals PSA

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Actor Ron Perlman, who rides the roads of the fictional town of Charming as the former president of an outlaw motorcycle club on the hit FX series Sons of Anarchy, is helping homeless animals get on the road to a better tomorrow by promoting the option of pet adoption.

Accompanied by Nigel, the tiny terrier who holds a starring role in Perlman’s heart and home, the actor is the latest animal-loving luminary to step in front of famed photographer Christopher Ameruoso’s camera in a show of support for Last Chance for Animals’ “Adopt, Don’t Shop” campaign. Previous personalities who have posed for the paws cause include actor Sam Elliott and Mike Wolfe from American Pickers.

A member of a compassionate cast, Perlman’s fellow Sons of Anarchy stars Ryan Hurst, Theo Rossi and Kim Coates recently helped to shine a spotlight on shelter adoption through PSAs for Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter.

Founded in 1984 by Chris DeRose, Last Chance for Animals has championed a number of animal rights issues, including the plight of puppy mill dogs, pet theft and the struggle to stop the fur trade.

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Photo Credit: Christopher Ameruoso/Last Chance for Animals

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