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Celebrities Travel to Romania to Help Dogs in Need

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Spring is a time of new beginnings, and shortly after the season’s arrival in Romania a team of dedicated animal lovers arrived to sow the seeds of hope for a brighter tomorrow for dogs who are in danger of losing their lives.

Actress Lorraine Chase and singer Saffron Sprackling of the group Republica joined Wetnose Animal Aid founders Andrea and Gavin Gamby Boulger, Gary Edwards from Norton Animal Rescue Foundation, singer Jade Williams, Pola Pospieszalska and Victoria Eisermann of K-9 Angels and interpreter Iona Iordana on a mission of mercy which included visiting vets and some of the private and non-private shelters which offer sanctuary to the dogs– including the Maoland Shelter, Red Panda Shelter, the Speranta Shelter (which is run by the Vier Pfoten Organization) and a converted farm. Both the horror of the situation and the happiness of each dog who has been given a new lease on life have been captured on film for fan upcoming documentary:

(NOTE: Some of the images in the following video and photos are distressing.)

Following are a few photos from the journey:

As the lead singer of the electronica band Republica she’s belted out the dance rock anthem “Ready to Go” on stages around the world, and as a member of The ‘A’ Team (Animal Team) Saffron Sprackling has used her voice to help set the stage for a new era for Romania’s dogs, who have died in the tens of thousands on the streets and in the shelters over the past 10 years. Although the stray dog cull law which had passed in the Romanian Parliament on November 22, 2013 has been stopped by the Romanian Constitutional Court after determining that certain portions of the law were unconstitutional, the country’s stray dog population is still in immediate danger.

Saffron with Rina at the Red Panda shelter

Rina with Saffron

Saffron with Moustache

Saffron with Moustache he was lovely

Actress Lorraine Chase, who traveled to Bulgaria with Wetnose Animal Aid and Norton Animal Rescue Foundation in 2013 to meet Borko– a dog whose heart-tugging tale inspired a children’s book which helps canines in his country as well as in Afghanistan– once again stepped into her real life role as an animal advocate as she met with Grivita, a dog who suffering has not broken her spirit. Currently at the Speranta animal shelter, Vier Pfoten (Four Paws) offers a look back at Grivita’s past and her prospects for a happy future.

Wetnose Animal Aid co-founder Andrea Gamby-Boulger and actress Lorraine Chase with Grivita

Andrea (Wetnose) with Lorraine Chase & Gravita

Wetnose Animal Aid co-founder Gavin Gamby-Boulger became fast friends with dogs residing at one of the shelters:

Gavin playing with some of the dogs-2

Touched by the efforts to heal both the bodies and souls of Romania’s strays at a countryside farm which has been converted into a compassionate shelter, Gavin and Andrea Gamby-Boulger has kickstarted a fund for the shelter’s future endeavors, starting with a £1,000 pledge from Wetnose Animal Aid.

(NOTE: While the fundly link in the video is no longer available, those interested in making a donation can do so on Wetnose’s PayPal account, found on the Wetnose Animal Aid website.)

Established in 2000 by Gavin and Andrea Gamby-Boulger, Wetnose Animal Aid champions smaller rescue centers and groups by providing financial assistance and raising awareness of the organizations. To learn more about Wetnose Animal Aid’s past and future missions, visit the WetnoseTV channel on YouTube.

Photo Credit: Wetnose Animal Aid