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November Dog Horoscopes

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October was quite the month; we were able to embrace the full spectrum of Autumn weather, started taking our jackets and scarves off of that hidden top shelf of the closet, and slowly entered the end-of-year holiday season.

While the cold weather blues can possibly start to set in for some, it’s always good to find a bright side. Family gatherings, holiday feasts, and the gift of giving is on the horizon. For dog owners, it’s also time to start cozying up inside with your furry friends on those days or nights when it’s a bit too cold for prolonged outdoor adventures.

Hollywood Psychics is back again this month with some more astrological insights into our dogs’ fates from some talented online pet psychics. And better yet, with Mercury no longer in retrograde, you can breathe a sigh of relief in knowing things will finally start going smoothly again as we enter a new season full of fresh beginnings and possibilities.


Dogs born under the sign of Aries have a split November ahead of them – which is a theme for many of the signs this month. For the first part of the month Venus’s proximity to Saturn will cause these pups anxiety, frustration, and mishaps with their owners or animal housemates. Luckily it’s the beginning of the month and you will still be able to let these pups blow off some steam outside. As it gets colder in the second half of the month, Venus will have a more positive effect on these pooches and you’ll have more chances to curl up with them inside where it’s warm.


Mercury will still have an outlandish effect on Taurus dogs in November. Along with Venus and the Sun, the planets will cause these pups to be in extra need of your love and affection. Instead of the normal food and relaxation on the brain, they’ll be more interested in spending time with their owners or other critters in the household. Luckily with weather promoting more indoor time, you’ll have plenty of chances to cuddle and give them the warmth – literal warmth and emotional warmth – they need.


Much like Aries dogs, canines born under the sign of the Twins will be experiencing a month of ups and downs. In the first half there may be some misunderstandings or possibly even negative mishaps with others in the house; the planets create a force comparable to a spiritual block that leads to many miscommunications for Geminis with others. Whether it be a scuffle with another pup while playing or not getting the point across to their owner that they need to go outside (ending with an accident inside) – expect some struggle in the communication department. Luckily just like Aries, the second part of the month will promote happiness and fulfillment and ease any tensions caused from the first part of the month.


Normally, timid Cancer canines will be getting an astrological boost of energy from the combination of Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and other planets’ movement. They will seek out new adventures – think about getting a new doggie jacket or something warm, because if snow falls you better believe they’ll be the first to rush outside with a thirst for excitement. Just be sure they don’t get TOO worked up. With Mars (which typically rules conflict) also making an appearance there could be some scuffles at the dog park or even with their owners.


Leo dogs like to be leader of the pack. They use their charisma and natural confidence to take charge of situations and assert dominance. This month (for better or worse) Jupiter will be in Leo and give them a boost in their already strong personality. Like many of the other signs, the month will see some variance in this energy depending on the passage of the planets. In the first part of the month, this energy will be more subtle and they’ll more quietly proclaim their authority. The second half will bring a more fiery display. If you have other dogs in the household, exert due diligence to make sure there aren’t any scuffles with your Leo pup.


During ordinary times, the Virgo dog isn’t much for seeking out attention and usually has a quieter energy. Not in November! Mars and Pluto will join to create a dynamic magnetism around these pups. They’ll give into normally dormant impulses and at the same time will emanate captivation that is capable of drawing anyone in – human or canine. For those with Virgo pets who aren’t fixed, keep a close eye; the Mars-Pluto combination can also stimulate eroticism and with their inclination to give into impulse this month, there might be some extra doggie love in the air. In fixed Virgo dogs, this energy will also lead to more playfulness.


The pattern of the two-phased month stays true for Libras, as well. In the first half of November, there will be a lot of discomfort and stress – and these canines need no help in that department given their tendency to be restless anyway. Fortunately they will also have a different fate the second half of the month. Venus will form a triangle with Uranus and Jupiter which will release a more positive energy within.


Venus will lead to a joyous and positive mood for Scorpio dogs in November. They can normally be loners, but this month they’ll be in a great place and want to spend plenty of time with their loved ones. As the month goes on, the opposite of what we’re seeing with other signs will happen for Scorpio. Instead of a natural positive energy force, they will require more concrete ways to keep up the good vibes. Maybe get them their favorite treats or food, or take them to their favorite walking spots – you don’t want these pooches to fall into the same possible negative mood other signs are prone to in the beginning of the month.


The path of Mercury and Venus will negatively affect Sagittarius dogs in the first half of the month. They normally are full of love and freely display it to their owners. However, the beginning of November sees their ability to express sentiment to be blocked. On top of that, these poor pooches will be prone to loneliness and sadness – make sure you pick up the slack and show them extra love and warmth. Fortunately, the second half of November will ease the tension and allow them to go back to being their adventurous selves.


We all know Capricorn dogs are stubborn and once their sights are set on something, it’s as good as theirs. In November, their sights will be set on showing a lot of affection to their loved ones. And the influence of Mars will only enhance their ability to do so. This energy creates a good time to socialize them with other pups, so if you know of a good dog park definitely take a trip there! Even if you don’t know of a dog park, all of the abundant energy will need to be worked off so give these doggies some extra exercise.


The same pattern of highs and lows that we’ve been seeing for many of our furry friends in November holds true for the Aquarius. In the first half of the month, there will be some rigidity in the atmosphere. These normally friendly pups may be prone to clashes with others in their pack. Luckily, you won’t have to walk on eggshells in the latter half of the month; Jupiter will encourage both positivity and closeness. It’s a mixed bag for these pooches, so just be on guard and you’ll get through it in one piece.


Pisces pups are usually off in a world of their own. In the first portion of November, Mercury will enter Pisces causing them to ponder the dynamics between owners and other animals in the house. You may be seeing less of them during this time, but fret not – during the rest of November they will seek out companionship, probably because of their solitary reflections earlier in the month.

November looks to be an up and down month for our canine companions. Luckily, it won’t be as unpredictable as the Mercury retrograde in October, but you still should always keep on guard. With winter starting to rear its chilly head, you’ll fortunately have plenty time to stay inside and keep a close eye. However, feel free to call one of Hollywood Psychics’ phone psychics and gain some additional insights into what’s in store for your pup.

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