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National #ChecktheChipDay August 15th

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Statistics state that approximately 10 million dogs and cats find themselves lost each year, and although many companion animals are now happily reunited with those they love thanks to microchipping, the implant can only be of help if the information it contains is current. As a reminder to get your canine or cat companion microchipped and to keep the contact data up to date, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) have teamed up to create National Check the Chip Day.

Taking place on August 15, pet parents are encouraged to take a moment to either ensure that their pet’s microchip information is correct, or to schedule an appointment to have their barking buddy or purring pal microchipped.

Embedded beneath the skin with the aid of a hypodermic needle, no surgery or anesthesia is required when a microchip is implanted. It is a simple procedure which can be accomplished during a routine visit to the veterinarian.

Once a pet has been microchipped, the dog or cat’s guardian’s contact information in the event is registered to the microchip’s serial number in a database that veterinary staff can use to locate the pet’s family when their four-pawed pal is found.

“It really can be a matter of life or death if your pet gets lost and a shelter or animal control agency has no way to reach you,” the president of AVMA, Dr. Joseph Kinnarney, states. “It only takes the same amount of time as updating a password, but it could save your pet’s life.”

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Photo Credit: AVMA

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