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Dogs in Politics Day – QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About Presidents’ Dogs?

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Democrats and Republicans may not see eye to eye on certain issues, but whether your preferred political party is symbolized by an elephant or a donkey we all share a love for ‘political animals,’ in particular the dogs who have held the position of First Fido over the years. Every year, Dogs in Politics Day celebrates these four-legged residents of the White House.

President Gerald Ford and dog
David Hume KennerlyGerald R. Ford Presidential Library: A1813-05

When Is Dogs in Politics Day?

Dogs in Politics Day is held each September 23. The pet holiday is also known as Checkers Day in a nod to the anniversary of Richard Nixon’s 1952 speech regarding rumors of misused funds. Referring to Checkers, the dog his family received, the then-vice presidential candidate told the public that the Cocker Spaniel was one gift that his family would most definitely keep.

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Test Your Knowledge of Presidential Dogs!

Dogs in Politics Day Quiz

Test your knowledge about All The Presidents’ Dogs by taking our Pop (or should that be Pup?) Quiz!

1) The first dogs whose paws promenaded on the grounds of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue had which President as a pet parent?

  • A) George Washington
  • B) John Adams
  • C) Thomas Jefferson
  • D) James Madison

2) The following Presidents were fond of Newfoundlands. Which Commander-In-Chief named his Newfoundland pup Veto?

  • A) Ulysses S. Grant
  • B) James Buchanan
  • C) James Garfield
  • D) Rutherford B. Hayes

3) Which First dog was named after a character from the 1950’s children’s book The Enormous Egg?

  • A) Miss Beazley, George W. Bush and Laura Bush’s Scottish Terrier
  • B) King Timahoe, Richard and Pat Nixon’s Irish Setter
  • C) Weejie, Herbert Hoover’s Elkhound
  • D) Fala, Franklin Roosevelt’s Scottish Terrier
President Franklin D. Roosevelt and dog Fala statue

4) Which First Fido moved in to the White House after being found at a gas station?

  • A) Grits, a dog gifted to Jimmy Carter’s daughter, Amy
  • B) Buddy, Bill Clinton’s Labrador Retriever
  • C) Yuki, Lyndon Johnson’s mixed breed dog
  • D) Liberty, Gerald Ford’s Golden Retriever

5) A President with a love of all with paws, which of Calvin Coolidge’s many canine companions shared his 4th of July birthday?

  • A) Tiny Tim
  • B) Peter Pan
  • C) Rob Roy
  • D) Prudence Prim

6) A Great Dane named President, who was the barking buddy of a President’s adult child, was a guest at The White House when which President was in office?

  • A) Warren Harding
  • B) Harry S. Truman
  • C) Herbert Hoover
  • D) Franklin Roosevelt

7) Which U.S. President was also the founder of the Buffalo chapter of the SPCA?

  • A) Grover Cleveland
  • B) William Taft
  • C) Millard Fillmore
  • D) Andrew Johnson

8) Which President said “If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.”

  • A) Woodrow Wilson
  • B) Harry S. Truman
  • C) Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • D) Dwight D. Eisenhower
President Herbert Hoover and King Tut dog
Herbert Hoover and King Tut. Photograph by Herbert E. French, via Library of Congress website

9) Which President’s dog was so popular with the public that a song was written in his honor when he crossed Rainbow Bridge?

  • A) Charlie, John F. Kennedy’s Welsh Terrier
  • B) King Tut, Herbert Hoover’s Belgian Shepherd
  • C) Fala, Franklin Roosevelt’s Scottish Terrier
  • D) Warren Harding’s Airedale, Laddie Boy.
President Bush and Scottish Terriers
President George W. Bush with Scottish Terriers Miss Beazley and Barney; US National Archives

10) Which First Dog shared the White House with a cat named Socks?

  • A) Liberty, Gerald Ford’s Golden Retriever
  • B) Pushinka, The Kennedy family’s mixed breed dog
  • C) Buddy, Bill Clinton’s chocolate Labrador Retriever
  • D) Miss Beazley, George W. Bush’s Scottish Terrier


1) B 2) C 3) A 4) C 5) A 6) D 7) C 8) A 9) D 10) C

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Dogs in Politics Day - Checkers Day
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