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#Infographic: Pets & Birthday Presents

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You may have seen this post in your newsletter last night; DogTipper crashed shortly after the newsletter went out and the post was lost…so we’re trying it again!

As you know, last week was Tiki’s adoption anniversary, the closest thing we have to her birthday celebration since we really don’t know when she was born. We celebrated by taking Tiki and Irie out to Starbucks for a Puppuccino then lunch at one of their favorite restaurants.

While Tiki’s birthday present was more experiential in nature, many dog lovers purchase presents for their dogs both for birthdays and for holidays. We recently received a fun infographic we wanted to share with you with results from a recent poll conducted by Capital One in the UK. It showed:

  • 88% of people admit spending up to £50 on extravagant presents for their pets
  • Spending on pet presents has grown by £3 million in the last 2 years
  • 27% get their pet spa-style treatments
  • 25% of pet owners buy their pets birthday gifts

What about you? Do you purchase your dog a birthday gift or opt for an experience (or both?)


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Friday 4th of September 2015

I am guilty!!! I buy presents for their birthday and holidays! The pet store and internet help us by making Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Easter and birthday toys for our dogs. Not only toys but clothes, dogs bowl that a better than what we eat out of, treats and fancy collars and leashes that match. They go on vacations with us. Our dogs, cats and other animal are now part of our family. Our dogs are FAMILY! They sleep with us, we let them get on the furniture and they are included in family pictures! Are they spoiled NO they are loved because they give us unconditional love every day. My grown sons would say the dogs have more toys than they did when growing up plus we have more photos of the dogs too!

Paris & John

Friday 4th of September 2015

I know...last night John and I were talking about how nice it would be if we could add on a kitchen to our house...and turn our existing kitchen into a kitchen/dining room just for the pets for all their food/treats/bowls/fountains/toys/supplies!!! Wouldn't that be neat?! I have a four-shelf cabinet for their goodies that aren't in use at the moment but they've outgrown the cabinet!!

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