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Celebrating Two Years!

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Tonight we’ve been celebrating both Tiki’s second birthday (actually the second anniversary of her adoption) and the second birthday of DogTipper! (We’ll take a look back at the last two years at DogTipper later this week but tonight’s all about Tiki!)

We were on the road Friday and Saturday in Los Angeles covering an Emmy gifting suite and visiting a celebrity dog event that helps promote rescue (more on that tomorrow!) so it’s extra special to be home celebrating today. (It’s also a little surreal to be watching the Emmy Awards tonight and seeing people we photographed yesterday…while we’re back to our everyday life and trying to figure out how to keep the ants out of the cats’ food and keep the dog toys in the toy box, at least part of the time!)

Our dogs know that part of the price of being involved in a family business is that sometimes you have to pose for photos…and sometimes you have to wear funny hats, even if it’s just for a few seconds…


Of course, in true Felix style, our cat Felix really wanted to get into the action and join in whatever his dog buddies were doing:


Then it was time for the cake, which was actually cornbread, baked in a Wilton dog-shaped cake pan I found for just $1 at the thrift store! Yes, he is missing a foot but the cornbread wouldn’t come out of the pan…but the dogs didn’t mind…


I had to blow out the candles…but not before the dogs decided that I must want them to take a bite of that cake! It’s good to be back home!!


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