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How to Store Dog Toys –10 Solutions to Organize Those Toys!

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We all love treating our dogs to new toys (not to mention new cushy beds). If you’re wondering how to store dog toys, we’re delighted to share a guest post today with some great storage solutions, regardless of your budget!

How to Store Dog Toys (and Beds!)

Does your dog have too many toys? While giving your dog tons of toys to play with, along with beds and blankets, is important to them having a happy, healthy life, if they have too many toys, your home can begin to feel cluttered.

If you spoil your dogs as I do, there are toys and blankets or beds in every room of your house, and you cannot count the number of toys they have at this point. There are storage options that will allow you to get rid of some of your trip hazards without permanently taking away toys from your dogs.

If you need to pick up some of your dog’s toys, blankets, and other bedding to straighten up your house, these storage ideas are perfect for keeping your house cleaner and giving you more space to keep spoiling your pups.

Collapsible Storage Bins

There are many canvas and cloth storage bins that are perfect for dog toys and bedding, and they are collapsible, so when you do not need them, you can easily put them away.

There are many fabric options for these dog storage bins, so you can find something that will look great with your home decor.

If you get one specifically for pet toys, it should be easy for you to clean too, which is great if your dog decides to slobber all over the toys in the bin and make a mess.

These are also great for storing your dogs’ blankets and beds, too, since many of them have the space to hold those.

Try a Storage Footstool or Ottoman

dog toy storage in ottomans

A storage ottoman is the perfect place to kick up your feet after a long day and to store some of your dog’s toys and blankets.

There is a wide variety of them out there, so you can find one that goes with the rest of your decor, and they can be well-cushioned, giving you a good place to put your feet up.

Store Dog Toys in Wine Racks or Shoe Cubbies

If you want to get creative with your dog toy storage, you can get a crate-style wine rack to store toys in. You can even paint the exterior of the wine rack to make it go better with your home decor.

The little cubbies are great for storing toys individually for your dogs, so they do not have to root around in a bin to find the toy they are after.

You may want to line the cubbies with a shelf liner, like contact paper, to make them easier to wipe out with a wet rag as needed.

Shoe cubbies have a similar structure to the wine rack, so it is also another great option if you like this style of structure. They also come in many sizes and colors, so you can find the right one to fit your home — just make sure your dog’s shoe cubby looks different from the one you put your shoes in, so they do not start thinking that your shoes are part of their toy collection.

Wooden Crates

dog toy storage in wooden crates

If you love rustic charm, adding some wooden storage crates to your home to store your dog’s bedding and toys in is perfect.

Since they are stackable, you can have several of them without giving up too much space.

You can even make cute signs labeling each crate with what is in it, plush toys, bones, blankets, and even treats.

Use Vintage Suitcases as Storage

dog toy storage in vintage suitcases

If you want to add some vintage charm to your home, you can store your dog’s toys, extra bedding, and even extra treats and food. You can find them in matching sets too, and they make a great talking point to guests.

Wicker Baskets to Store Dog Toys

Wicker baskets never really go out of style and can look great in most homes. They come in many shapes, too, so you can find a cute one for your dog’s toys. You can also find some with lids to stack them up if you need more than one.

Get Dog Toys Off the Floor with a Hammock

If you do not have the floor space to devote to storing dog toys, you can get a small hammock for them.

This is a great way to keep extra toys from cluttering up the floor. You just have to make sure you do not put any of your dog’s favorite toys up there; they might be tempted to try to jump to reach them.

Hanging Shoe Organizers

Another way to get toys off the floor and hidden away is to use a shoe organizer. You can put it on the inside of a closet door, too, so your dog is not tempted by the toys they can see but cannot reach. These are a very affordable option to get dog toys out of the way.

Storage Shed

steel shed

If your dog has a ton of toys and bedding, you might need a little extra storage space. You can get a steel shed to add to your backyard and add shelving for all of your dog’s things.

One of the great things about steel is that mice and bugs cannot get inside, so if you like to keep a stockpile of extra dog food and treats, you do not have to worry about pests getting to it and ruining your stockpile. You also will never have to worry about a mouse taking over your dog’s extra beds and turning them into a nest.

You can use the shed for your own storage needs, too. It does not have to just be for Fido’s stuff; he can spare a shelf or two for you.

Final Thoughts

All of these are great ways to store your dog’s toys and bedding, but make sure that no matter what storage method you choose, you clean them regularly.

Since your dogs chew on their toys, if they are not washed regularly, bacteria can grow on them and make your pup sick.

For plush toys, you will need to wash them in the washing machine with warm water to ensure that any germs are killed. You can make a toy rotation for the dogs, which is especially great if you are using a storage method that does not give them access to everything.

Pick a day to pick up and clean their current toys, and while those are being washed, you can pull out already cleaned toys for them to play with.

This can also help keep your dog from getting bored of their toys!

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How to Store Dog Toys (and Beds!)
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