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8 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Week!

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As doting pet parents we know that every dog has his day, and we diligently mark National Dog Day on our pet holiday calendars. But did you also know that every dog has his own WEEK thanks to National Dog Week?

When is National Dog Week?

Held the fourth week in September every year, National Dog Week was established in 1928. It was founded by Captain William Judy, the publisher of Dog World magazine and author of The Care of the Dog and The Dog Encyclopedia, among other works which focused on our furry friends.

ways to celebrate national dog week

Following are just a few suggestions for making the most of the pet holiday:

Bake Your Dog a Treat

Give your tail-wagging chum a taste of the good life by making him/her a treat with your own two hands! Check out our dog treat recipe section to unleash your inner chef!

Watch a Dog-Themed Movie

Curl up on the couch with your canine companion and watch a Fido-themed flick!

You’ll have a wide range of dog movies from which to choose, from silver screen hits that will tug at your heartstrings (Old Yeller, Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, Where the Red Fern Grows) to films that will put a smile on your face (Beethoven, 101 Dalmatians, Benji.)

Enjoy a Dog-Friendly Day Out

You don’t have to embark on an exotic sightseeing excursion to make your four-pawed pal happy– the two of you can make memories by exploring the dog-friendly sites in your neighborhood.

Why not grab a bite to eat at a dog-friendly restaurant complete with a welcoming patio for canine customers, or pack a picnic to enjoy at a dog-friendly park?

And head off to a dog-friendly store for some shopping for you AND you dog!

Read About Famous Dogs

Teach the next generation of animal lovers about the faithful heart of man’s best friend by giving a child a book to read about the contributions of such courageous canines as Sgt. Stubby, a four-legged hero of the first World War, or Smoky, a tiny Yorkshire Terrier whose bravery helped to save the lives of soldiers in World War II.

Shop for a New Collar

If Fido is a four-legged fashionista, buy him or her a fancy new dog collar!

Fetch a New Toy

Your dog’s inner pup will come out to play when he receives a new dog toy in honor of National Dog Week.

Donate to Your Local Animal Shelter

Bring joy to homeless dogs by donating much-needed items, funds, or your time by volunteering at a nearby animal shelter.

Consider a New Furry Family Member

If you have been thinking of welcoming a furry family member into your life, there’s no time like the present to give a dog in need the gift of a happy forever home!

Your new barking buddy may be as close as your local shelter, or you might spot your new dog among the many adoptable companion animals listed on,, or!

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