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National Black Dog Day

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Each day in animal shelters across the country, potential pet parents pass by kennels which contain adoptable black dogs. The result: black dogs are often the last to be adopted. To help our barking buddies with ebony fur, there is also a which sheds light on their plight– National Black Dog Day.

National Black Dog Day

When Is Black Dog Day?

October 1 has been deemed National Black Dog Day, an annual observance of the need to help black shelter dogs be seen. This pet holiday was established by Celebrity Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert Colleen Paige in 2012. It is sometimes called World Black Dog Day.

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Why These Dogs are So Often Overlooked in Shelters

Black Dog - World Black Dog Day

Disinterest in canines with dark coats is so common that the term Black Dog Syndrome has been coined to describe this sad situation.

Although recent statistics show that the tide is now starting to change for black dogs in shelters, there are still a number of reasons that hold dogs with dark fur back when it comes to finding a forever home:

  • Poorly lit shelters that make dark-coated canines in cages less noticeable
  • Shelter photos that fail to capture a black dog’s striking features
  • Silly superstitions

Take a moment to share an adoptable dog on your social media accounts using the hashtag #NationalBlackDogDay to help draw attention on the beauties waiting for their forever homes.

This pet holiday now holds a special meaning for us at DogTipper, as we welcomed Barli into our family in 2018!

black shelter puppy
To all potential pet parents, we ask that you please take a second look before walking past a black dog at your local shelter who may not have caught your attention at first glance.

In the words of author H. Jackson Brown, Jr., “Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye,” and this time you will notice the black tail thumping thanks to your attention, and the affection and hope in the dog’s gaze.

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National Black Dog Day
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