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Rachel Bilson Joins in A Dog Day of Service

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Actress Rachel Bilson, who starred in the series The O.C. and Hart of Dixie, recently helped companion animals who are hoping to win a coveted real life role in the lives of forever pet parents!

Joining with Rachael Ray Nutrish®, the TV star/pocaster took part in “A Dog Day of Service,” presenting Pasadena Humane with 30,000 pounds of Nutrish food for the shelter’s canine residents, and urging all dog lovers to help their local shelter.    

“As a rescue dog owner and animal lover, Nutrish’s goal of supporting animal shelters around the country is close to my heart,” says Rachel Bilson.

“Visiting the shelter and being able to provide them with Nutrish was an amazing experience we hope encourages continued acts of service for all dogs and cats in need.”

A History of Rescue

Rescue has always taken center stage in Rachel Bilson’s life. Her advocacy for adopting rather than shopping for pets has been a significant part of her public persona. Rachel’s involvement with shelter dogs goes beyond mere adoption; she actively participates in raising awareness about the plight of homeless animals.

Nutrish® Dog Day of Service

Her social media platforms often feature her shelter dogs, showcasing their journeys from being in a shelter to becoming beloved members of her family. Through her actions and advocacy, Rachel Bilson highlights the importance of giving shelter dogs a second chance at life, while also bringing attention to the ongoing issues faced by animal shelters and rescue organizations.

Her late canine companions Penny Lane (a Pit Bull mix) and Thurmen Murmen (a poodle mix) were both former shelter dogs.

Penny Lane, often described as a gentle and loving companion, shared a special bond with Rachel, frequently appearing alongside her in public and on social media.

Before his passing at age 15, Thurmen Murmen, equally cherished, was known for his unique personality and became an integral part of Rachel’s life.

Their passing left a profound impact on Rachel, as she openly expressed her grief on social media, sharing the deep void their absence created. These dogs’ memories continue to be a testament to the deep, enduring connection humans can share with their animal companions.

Today the actress is a doting dog Mom to a rescue dog named Gertie, often featured on her social media.

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