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The Return of the Destructo-Dog

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Now that they’ve reached adolescence (Irie’s 2-1/2 years old and Tiki’s 2), we’ve grown used to a certain level of calm from our dogs. The crazy chewing period of their puppyhoods seems to just about be gone.

While it lasted, it was a prolonged period. We never found out which dog caused most of the devastation (but we have our suspicions.) There was the destruction of my prescription sunglasses:

There was the beautiful chew-proof dog bed that destructo-dog managed to chew. (This was an Orvis dog bed we’d bought through their catalog. True to their guarantee, they took it back and refunded our money without question. They had no idea we ran a dog website…they just knew they were dealing with embarrassed dog lovers who felt bad about their dog’s destructive ways…)


And then there were the collars. Many, many (many) dog collars. (The one-day record was five.) When we weren’t looking, Tiki would chew the collars off of Irie, even though we tried applying everything we could think of to deter her chewing without annoying Irie with disturbing odors. There were so many collars that we began making collars from old belts.

But that, too, ran its course, and today they’ve had the same collars for many months.

So we thought we were done with the chewing.

We were wrong.

This morning, we awakened to find Tiki’s new lovely dog bed with a fist-sized hole in it and stuffing scattered throughout the room. When we went to check on it, Irie decided that she’d sit on the scene of the crime (maybe she’s trying to cover up for her sister):


Maybe Tiki was bored. Maybe, like all of us now and then, Tiki just had a childish moment and couldn’t resist tearing into her bed (even with countless chew toys in the room with her.)

But when confronted with a face like this, though, what can you do but laugh?


…and go get out the sewing kit…again…

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