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Our Pear-Loving Deer

We’re always interested in seeing what wildlife comes around our house during the night so not too long ago we purchased an outdoor camera that uses a motion-detector to take photos automatically. We hung it on a tree near our barn where we have several pear trees that are laden with pears right now. During the day and night, the deer love to come in and eat the lower-hanging pears (which we don’t mind) and they leave half-eaten and shredded pieces of pears all over the ground, which just fascinates the dogs the next morning on our walks!

Irie (out of camera range here) thinks it’s a veritable fruit buffet but Tiki is mostly interested in smelling out the deer tracks.

The funniest part? Day after day, that one perfect, low-hanging pear on the left side of these photos remains in place, untouched by the deer that come and go!

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