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Wordless Wednesday: The Early Days

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Today we ran across some early photos, taken almost three years ago, about a month after we adopted then six-month-old Tiki.

At the time, we had two “igloo” kind of dog houses on the front porch. The dogs didn’t stay in them but they were available to the dogs if they wanted to hang out there for while when they were out in the front yard. (Since that time, we’ve enclosed part of the porch with a dog room made with French doors; it has a dog door and is included in the central air/heat system. The dogs can go in there whenever they’re outside. They don’t spend much time in there but it’s nice when they’re outside and get hot but they don’t want to come back in the house yet.)

When we had the two dog houses, we bought new dog beds for the girls. Tiki, though, had other ideas. She decided to redecorate and move the beds out on the porch itself…

…but they still weren’t quite right. They need a little more nudging…

Finally, success!

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