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6*365: Select a Simple Background

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You want your dog to be the centerpiece of your photos…but sometimes what looks so good in front of you looks, well, busy once you see the finished photo. What happened?

Often a busy background is the problem. When you’re shooting the photo, you’re all caught up in your dog so you very well might not notice all the distracting items in the background. But, believe me, you’ll notice them when you see the finished picture!

The top photo of Irie was made this afternoon on our front porch. Here’s a similar shot of Irie sitting in the same place, at the same time, but I turned more toward the front yard…

It’s way too busy…the fence, the gate, the garage, the cars…they all take away from the star of the photo: Irie!

By swiveling (myself, not Irie), I was able to get the end of the porch behind Irie:

It’s not a fancy photo backdrop by any means but it’s much, much simpler than seeing all the distracting elements in the yard!

If you use today’s 365 Project photo tip, please leave a comment below and attach your photo (just click the “+” link) to share the fun!

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Debbie Isles

Tuesday 17th of January 2012

Sun bathing is Coco's favorite pastime.  The back of the house make a great simple background.


Thursday 12th of January 2012

I love taking pictures of my dog in the snow