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8*365: Look for a Contrasting Background

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Earlier in the week, one of our 365 Photo Project tips was to use a simple background. Besides simple, though, also keep an eye out for a contrasting background.

For example, there’s not enough contrast between Tiki’s mostly white hair and our caliche driveway with its beige stones:

The colors are just too similar and her cute freckles almost get lost beside the spotted pattern of the stones.

But just five minutes earlier this morning I took the top photo with my phone of Tiki in the woods against the contrasting dirt. It’s much easier to see Tiki!

You’ll need to adjust according to your dog’s predominant fur color and pattern. If you have a black dog, a photo in the snow, sand or grass will stand out. By contrast, a white dog in snow is more difficult to photograph (so grab a red dog sweater or red bandana!) When we’re photographing Irie, her brownish-red fur can really get lost on the lawn in the winter but it stands out great in the spring once the grass greens up.

If you use today’s 365 Photo Project tip, please be sure to leave us a comment below and attach your photo using the + sign in the comments field…and share the fun of your dog’s photo!

Heather 'Wilcox' Beals

Thursday 12th of January 2012

I know this is a past day, but I'm trying to get caught up.. LOL! Hope that's ok! :) 

Here is Tiki and her contrasting background... 

Paris Permenter

Saturday 14th of January 2012

(LOL...I'm just catching up myself...I'm *really* behind!) Love that shot of Tiki...what a great idea for a contrasting background!!